• Win with Vyn in the race to Net Zero

    Make your field deployments safer, greener and faster.

    Gain 360° visibility, remote assurance and supervision with AI-powered Vyn™ SmartVideoNotes™

    Get more jobs done with fewer experts, upskilled resources and reduced carbon miles using Vyntelligence*, the world’s first deep-learning Video Intelligence Platform, leveraging the largest industry-focused knowledge bank of user-generated short videos

    Happier Customers, Colleagues, and Contractors

*powered by US Patented Vyn ™ SmartVideoNotes ™ data capture, Smart annotation & recommendations technology

Global enterprises stay ahead with Vyntelligence to get more jobs done – faster, safer, and with fewer expert resources

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Accelerated safety response

Reduced field visits

Reduced time to acceptance

Reduced snags & re-works

Faster connections

NPS & Customer satisfaction uplift

Deflected contact centre calls

Are your Frontline Workforce and Customers stuck in the Analogue Age?

Businesses seek to improve productivity of their deskless workers due to significant resource constraints. But, their systems are text-based and time-intensive.

We lose time, engagement, and vital contextual information without video.

Field Workers & Contractors

Field Workers & Contractors

Filling out numerous forms/checklists, feeling inefficient, buried under paperwork

Delayed lagging indicators & poor workforce productivity

Customers & Agents

Customers & Agents

Inefficient, inconvenient, repetitive interactions prone to inaccuracy

Poor and costly CX

Experts & Supervisors

Experts & Supervisors

Struggling to inspect jobs in disparate locations with limited visibility; restricted productivity

Increased risk for employees and customers



Inconsistent data flow hindering accurate visibility and resource planning; lack of insight

Challenges in meeting ESG/SDG targets

Vyn gets you Ahead to the Digital Age

Empower your customers, colleagues and contractors to collaborate with insights from geo-distributed project work and assets to deliver infrastructure and services faster, safer & more sustainably with Vyntelligence.

Better Situational Awareness

Vyn uses the eyes and ears of the technician/ customer for cognitive engagement

Better Process Adherence

Processes are standardised with Vyn guided storyboards and real-time AI alerts

Remote Scene Recreation

Early visibility for action with 360° situational context for a leaner team of remote supervisors and experts

Leading Indicators & insight-driven KPIs

Better planning & risk management with Vyn’s AI-powered smarter root cause analysis

Leading Sustainable Innovation for a decade

Our purpose leads our vision. We build Simpler, Safer & Sustainable ways of working to create quality time for health, family and friends

We partner with global enterprises that are investing significantly to build infrastructure, address climate challenges (ESG) and accelerate digital transformations to offer customers greener choices and make field deployments faster, greener and safer.




Carbon Miles

vyn solutions

Designed for Simplicity

Purposefully Designed for Simplicity

Boost operational efficiency, reduce risks and costs for your deskless workforce through the power of Vyn SmartVideoNotes. We combine human, visual and verbal data with industry-leading AI-powered video intelligence to drive productivity and build customer trust.

Self-serve and remote assurance

Our solutions enable sustainable innovation and accelerate data-driven business outcomes for leading businesses across the globe.

Simpler, Safer, and Sustainable Solutions

Empowering first time right &
proactive safety

Vyn in Construction, Installation and Commissioning

Changing the paradigm for customer engagement

Vyn in Customer Self-Service

Enabling a culture of situational awareness

Vyn in Safety & Asset Management

Create winners from Vynners

Transform the way you work, the way you approach challenges

Field Workers, Contractors & Customers

Capture short, guided videos explaining the situation

  • Simple and quick to use, onboard in minutes
  • Greener choices with convenient 24×7 access
  • No additional hardware required
  • App-based, or browser-based

Supervisors and Experts

Collaborate on and share data, opening up communication channels for all relevant parties

  • Simple to deploy
  • Full visibility of work progress
  • Achieve more (of higher quality) with fewer experts and less-experienced workers
  • Lower cost to serve


Unlock data insights with
AI-powered video intelligence, enabling timely decisions

  • Clarity of outcomes and targets
  • Safer works with a proactive culture
  • Reduce risk with industrialised processes across distributed assets/ sites

Users and clients love to Vyn sustainably…

Craig Rayner

Construction Supervisor

Northumbrian Water Group

“When I was asked to trial the Vyn app, being a bit of a dinosaur, I thought this was going to be a waste of time, but it’s probably been one of the best products that Northumbrian Water could have used.”

Michael Lapper

Head of Customer Experience

Cadent Gas

“The great thing about Vyntelligence … we’ve reduced lead times for the customer and get the job delivered right first time … by creating this remote surveying capability & tool, surveyors can now survey double figure jobs … geography is not a boundary anymore”

Nigel Watson


Northumbrian Water

“Switching to video intelligence saw many benefits. One was a better audit trail due to richer information. Second, filming using video has brought about a higher level of consciousness”

Nikki Flanders


Energy Customer Solutions SSE

“Vyn proved simple to deploy and has resulted in a 35% productivity improvement. We’re helping customers make greener choices with this innovative digital technology”

Glyn Albrow

Program Director


“Installers now self-audit their own work with the Vyn technology. So 100% audits are being completed remotely, saving us over a million carbon miles so far. We are seeing faster installs by a factor of 70% and reduced re-works by 60%”

Natalie Danks

Customer Inspector Pilot

Severn Trent

“We’re able to prioritise and get field teams to those who need us more urgently and make better use of resources. 25% of issues reported are being mitigated upfront, saving visits and travel, especially with the price of fuel right now, and helping help customers faster”

Andy Waterworth

Regional Manager, Installations


“Vyn helped capture key information with a heightened sense of speed, reduced contact and sped up the process for customers … We think we should be saving potentially £130k-140k a year in saved visits by using Vyn.”

why vyn

Why video your notes

“Human intelligence requires a visual exchange to function effectively. Yet many workplace systems are text-based and time-intensive with minimum face-to-face time.”

Global and local businesses are seeking to improve productivity of their deskless workers, but they struggle with inappropriate tools to make both users’ and managers’ lives easier.

Human intelligence requires a visual exchange to function effectively. Yet many workplace systems are text-based and time-intensive with minimum face-to-face time. We lose time and engagement, and the process is often mistaken for participation. Vital contextual information is rarely captured.

Enter Vyn SmartVideoNotes. Video is the most effective, personal and authentic way of communicating for the user. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million! And for a manager, it is a far richer way to obtain and use contextual job-specific searchable data – enhanced by the rapid advances in AI and predictive analysis.

Want to see Vyn in action?

Play differently with Vyntelligence (Vyn)


30-75 second self-recorded video notes (‘vyns’).


Guided storyboards based on your processes and methodologies.


AI-powered prompts facilitate rapid response and feedback.


End-to-end data and privacy protection ensures information remains totally secure.


Automatically post vyns straight into existing workflow systems from mobile – even offline.


Tags, storyboard categorisation and speech-to-text word recognition provides a rich source of metadata to drive action.

One step at a time to make global changes in the Race to Net Zero
Our aim: 0 Paper, 0 Tick-box forms, 0 Accidents, 0 Call centre calls, 0 Wasted site visits

We are partnering with companies in over 15 countries, that are investing significantly to build global infrastructure, address climate challenges (ESG) and drive digital transformations.

Our diverse, multi-lingual team prides itself on delivering our core values of Simplicity, Velocity, Trust & Mutuality through every aspect of the journey.

While the pressure is on to deliver for 2030, Vyntelligence supports a long term commitment to sustainability – after all, ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint’!

We are gaining recognition from a growing community of ‘Vynners’

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