Vyn SmartVideo reduces lead time for new service requests improving customer NPS

Vyntelligence partnered with Cadent Gas to create an end to end digital process for new connections, mains replacement and complaint handling


The Challenge 

Our client, Cadent Gas, realised customer complaints were difficult to resolve within the 2-day SLA without visual evidence of site readiness.

They needed more visual insights to resolve customer requests faster as physical site surveys were time consuming, constrain the speed of new connections/mains replacement, impact cost to serve and customer satisfaction.

They were looking for a solution that was easy to use and quick to deploy.

The Solution 

Simplifying & digitising new service requests by re-imagining data capture & flow for faster actions.

  1. Digitally auto-guiding customers to show site info with Vyn’s guided short video
  2. Image annotations, scene re-creation & searchable knowledge base help enable timely resolution
  3. Remote triaging through real-time dashboards with geo-location tracking and remotely assigning job status in the field

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cadent screen

The Outcome

Simplified digital process for customers, surveyors and management.

“We’ve reduced the lead times for customers and we get the job delivered right the first time. Surveyors can do double-figure jobs in a day. By creating this remote surveying capability, geography isn’t a boundary anymore.”

Michael Lapper, Head of Customer Experience, Cadent Gas
  • Cut lead times by up to 85%
  • 100% improvement in complaint response
  • Reduced carbon miles through avoided visits
  • Improved consistency and visibility of site data

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