Operational leaders are racing ahead to deploy Fibre to the customer quickly

The need to replace old copper connections is becoming more urgent as our data needs grow. Telecom companies are racing to build fibre infrastructure.

But, overall installation cycle time delay caused by paper-based processes, multiple handoffs and repeat survey visits often lead to a delay in customer fulfilment resulting in subsequent penalties and delayed revenue realisation.

Further, mismatches in actual vs. survey estimates lead to cost overruns, rollout delays and poor Customer Experience. Add, to this, there is a skills shortage of experts to get jobs done while trying to meet rising customer expectations.

Accelerate network rollout with faster site acceptance and commissioning

Digitise with Vyntelligence to create a simpler, digital experience for operational teams. An AI-powered SmartVideoNotes solution, Vyntelligence captures multi-channel digital data from field activities and converts it to smart workflows that are currently executed manually.

Smart dashboards provide end-to-end visibility into jobs driving smarter actions for management and the wider business.

The Vyn Advantage

for the field worker

Simple and quick to use, can focus on the day job

Improved field productivity and safety

Smooth handover pack with auditable, visual information of works and assets installation/ condition, including any snags to be corrected

Shared searchable knowledge base with easy access for all teams & subcontractors

Simple way to report any NC, Safety visits, LMRA, etc. across projects and operations

for the supervisor

Full visibility of work progress

Smarter mobilisation of workforce

Auditable, visual information of works and assets
installation / condition, including any snags to be corrected

Track jobs in near-real time – enabling collaboration and communication

Self-Audit allows Remote Supervisors to tag non-compliant activities

Geo-tagged Vyns provide confirmation of works adhering to designs

for the management

Clarity on outcomes and targets

Reduced project delivery risk

Deviations & Change Requests can be reported in a timely fashion

Computer Vision models can help detect additional defects

Reduced IT, digitization & maintenance costs

Better ratio of supervisors / auditors per project (reduced future hiring of FTEs)

Single mobile and web application and common data platform for all phases across network rollout and O&M

Use Cases

Vyn in Construction, Installation & Commissioning

Vyn Site – Survey Planning

Detailed Visual and Geo tagged Survey of Site details – accessibility, surroundings (vegetation, traffic). Risk completed by surveyor.

Vyn Installation drop complete

Visual confirmation of installation, service activation at customer premises

Vyn Remote Audit of 3rd party work

Visual Confirmation of Network build activities to turn the services ON e.g. Block terminal to exchange connection.

Vyn Network Build

Detailed geo tagged visuals of connection points, installation requirements. Completed by technician on the first visit.

Vyn Job Closure

Visual confirmation of installation, service activation at end customer premises (cabinet or 5G site).

Vyn Field Engineer Survey

Visuals survey of available capacity and other parameters. Completed by technician.

Vyn in Safety & Asset Management

Vyn O&M Asset Maintenance

Corrective & Preventive Maintenance actions, asset condition monitoring, and searchable history of asset maintenance records.

Vyn Excavation – Site Build

Assessment of quality / safety hazards and controls for site build for installation on poles or underground

Vyn in Customer Self-Service

Vyn Customer activation request

Activation request by end customer for new connection captures relevant site and accessibility data.

Vyn Customer issue reporting

Customer self service reporting with AI-powered routing to enable faster information flow for quicker resolution. 

The Business Impact

Audits completed remotely

Cost Avoidance in Maintenance

Growth in snag-free builds

Carbon Miles saved in a year

Users and clients love to Vyn sustainably…

Glyn Albrow

LLU Infrastructure Process Specialist


“We were able to remove the need for any physical visits because the installer was able to audit their own work with the Vyn technology. So 100% audits are now being completed remotely. This is a first for Openreach so is a big achievement that we can remotely audit successfully to the quality standard required”

Large Mobile Network Operator

Emerging Markets

“With Vyn, we can make informed decisions on how to repair, be more proactive on sending the teams with the correct equipment, and we’re able to move immediately if a site needs more security.”

Grant Cowans

Head of Operations (Ambulance Radio Programme)


“Having the Vyn Smart mobile application… will reduce time on site, allow our teams to carry out real time audits and very importantly help contribute towards meeting Telent’s commitment to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Empower Your Workforce with Digital Eyes and Ears