New Service Connections

The age of the low carbon consumer has arrived.

Consumers want efficient and low carbon technologies to meet their heating and transport needs on their journey to net zero. But they need service providers to keep up with this new demand and their high expectations for fulfilment time.

With all-time-high requests for new installations of heat pumps, solar and EV charge points, can you keep up with this demand and expectation of speed? 

Not with the traditional method of booking an in-person site survey, long lead times, and delayed connection dates. You need Vyntelligence to deliver high customer satisfaction levels and lasting customer relationships.


“We've reduced lead times by up to 85% for the customer"
Mike Lapper, Cadent Gas
Michael Lapper
Head of Customer Experience, Cadent Gas

Existing methods to deliver remote surveys rely on the customer knowing how to capture the right information without guidance in the moment.

This leads to errors and omissions that can lead to aborted jobs on the day of planned installation.

Vyntelligence solves this problem with the use of intelligent SmartVideoNotes, mixing smart mobile forms with guided video segments that coach the customer during self-survey.

The customer is instructed clearly on the areas to record and the use of video provides a richer view of the planned work than static photos can deliver.

"Instead of waiting for potentially 11 working days for a quote, with a Vyn link, the quotation was raised, surveyed, and sent within 30 minutes”
Claire Edwards
Claire Edwards
Head of Customer Service, Wales & West Utilities

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