Energy Services, Green Energy & Construction for Renewable Assets

Increased pressures to deliver infrastructure & services at speed and scale

Net zero and price controls bring immense pressure to deliver infrastructure programmes earlier than planned with the same workforce and a limited pool of experts, while still adhering to strict quality and safety standards.

Current systems are hitting their limits. In order to streamline complex installation projects, companies need to digitise work processes to reduce operational costs & risks during both construction phases and ongoing maintenance of renewable (green energy) assets.

Are your teams stuck in the Analogue Age with clunky tools?

Challenges arise through the ever-present need for site safety regardless of where liabilities lie

Variability of multi-party skill sets and poor quality handovers resulting in project delays and cost overruns

A limited pool of experts at various stages becoming a bottleneck in managing the quality of installations, resulting in failures and re-work

Complex asset management and an  unreliable history of maintenance activities for each individual unit

Turbocharge your field teams and remote experts into the Digital Age

Reimagine your field workflows, in areas such as sub-contractor work assurance, safety & asset assessments and handovers with Vyntelligence.

Gather remote visual evidence and insights from the field to facilitate smooth momentum and enable timely, informed decisions with seamless access to rich contextual information throughout the lifecycle of every job

The Vyn Advantage

for the field worker

Simple and quick to use, can focus on the day job

Improved field productivity and safety

Smooth handover pack with auditable, visual information of works and assets installation/ condition, including any snags to be corrected

Shared searchable knowledge base with easy access for all teams

Simple way to report any NC, Safety visits, LMRA, etc. across projects and operations

for the supervisor

Full visibility of work progress

Smarter mobilisation of workforce

Auditable, visual information of works and assets
installation / condition, including any snags to be corrected

More effective use of remote experts with lower travel cost to audit & inspect

Historical data & video asset information enables assignment of simple issues to junior staff

Reduce training and onboarding costs

for the management

Clarity on outcomes and targets

Reduced project delivery risk

Identification and inspection of the most critical operations using AI-powered recommendation

Precise tracking of NC, Safety visits, LMRA, etc. coverage across projects and operations

Reduced IT, digitization & maintenance costs

Better ratio of supervisors / auditors per project (reduced future hiring of FTEs)

Ability to negotiate contracts using visual evidence

Single mobile and web application and common data platform for all projects across construction and O&M

Use cases

Vyn in Construction, Installation & Commissioning

Vyn Efficient Site Surveys

Obtain all site data in just one visit, achieving Right First Time metrics.

Vyn QA/QC Remote Contractor Supervision

Assurance of contractors’ work for QA/QC from a distance to save unnecessary visits.

Vyn Reduced Snags List

Streamline, or even eliminate, snags lists for complex projects.

Vyn Faster Approvals

Automatic handover/ commissioning packs with auditable, visual, end-to-end works and assets installation/ condition data for smooth transition between teams/ shifts.

Vyn in Safety & Asset Management

Vyn Inspections, Repair & O&M

Carry out planned & unplanned maintenance, repair and asset & safety inspections remotely – saving time, costs and carbon miles.

Vyn Proactive Safety Culture

Assure both Process & Occupational Safety with better situational awareness and AI-powered feedback & leading indicators

  • Near Miss Reporting
  • Last Minute Risk Assessment
  • Incident Reporting
  • Spot Checks
  • Fresh Eyes
  • Safety Visits

The Business Impact

Audits completed remotely

Increase in Productivity

Reduced Site Acceptance time

Faster Incident Response

Users and clients love to Vyn sustainably…

Pedro Ribeiro

Director, B2C Energy Services

EDP Comercial

“Vyntelligence has delivered 5x ROI and NPS is up 20% in the first 8 months. By continuing to harness the power of digital video evidence and Vyn’s AI-enabled prioritisation for our operational teams, we expect to double ROI in year 2.”

Klair Neenan

Managing Director,

SSE Airtricity

“Vyn proved simple to deploy and has resulted in a 35% productivity improvement. We’re looking forward to adopting this innovative digital technology across the wider SSE Airtricity business, as we continue to utilise new and existing technology to help customers make greener choices”

Pascal Renaud

COO Water & Power Production

Engie AMEA

“At Engie, we have worked hard to digitize processes to ensure no life or asset is at risk. Vyn has helped us create a proactive safety culture.”

Empower Your Workforce with Digital Eyes and Ears