Faster Fibre Deployments with Fewer Resources
Delivering End-to-End Survey and Quality Assurance

70% Faster Acceptance & Handover | 400% Increase in Audit Oversight

Vyntelligence accelerates fibre network deployment for telecom infrastructure providers, across all phases of the life cycle.

This is achieved through faster installations, fewer resource requirements, and improved oversight by enabling contractors/colleagues to self-audit their work. 

With Vyn’s short video capture and AI/ML-powered labelling and recommendations, leading telcos such as Openreach, Lyntia Networks and Boldyn Networks have streamlined their installation process, making it faster and leaner.

See how Lyntia Networks cut their quality control process by over 30% with Vyn.

Pre-Design Survey

Vyntelligence helps with efficient planning and designing for new builds and as builts. Capture videos, photos and detailed site and location data, all in one simple-to-use mobile application. 

Using leading indicators, desktop planners can review the feasibility of the request and understand job requirements such as traffic management and access rights. 

Digitalised A55 Submissions to Openreach

Vyn digitalises A55 surveys, ensuring precision in laying ducts, cabling, street work, traffic management, and confined space operations. By evidencing tasks and zones of interest, Vyn minimises delays, empowering engineers to send accurate plans promptly, enhancing the entire provisioning journey.

Vyn Redline Document

Review Design Deviation: Scrutinise the initial design or document to identify discrepancies, errors, or areas needing clarification.

Annotate Markups: Use standard symbols, colours, and annotations to indicate changes, corrections, or additions directly on the document.

Stakeholder Feedback: Incorporate comments and revisions from various project stakeholders to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Finalise and Approve: Compare the redlined version with the original to make necessary updates, leading to the creation of a revised document ready for approval or implementation. 

Vyn Network Build

Vyn for Faster Fibre to Home Installation (FTTH)

Faster Quotation: Vyntelligence empowers customers to self serve with a quick survey, ensuring rapid and accurate quotations. No more waiting – customers take control, capturing essential data effortlessly. Get quick quotes without delays, making the connection process seamless and efficient.

Faster and Accurate ONT (Optical Network Terminal) Installation: Engineers benefit from Vyntelligence’s real-time guidance and visual insights. With AI-driven accuracy, installations are swift and flawless. Detailed visual information on MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) or SDU (Single Dwelling Unit) and other audio visual information ensures precision, reducing errors and rework. Every connection made is efficient, durable, and future-ready.

Remote Proactive Quality Assurance: Supervisors gain auditable, visual insights and real-time monitoring through Vyntelligence. Anomaly Detection AI ensures adherence to quality standards, complimenting the supervisors for quality of installation. Quality assurance becomes proactive, guaranteeing compliance with engineering standards. Vyntelligence transforms supervision into an efficient, snag-free process.

Vyn Acceptance and Handover

Faster QA/QC Remote Acceptance: Through self-audits, field engineers receive guidance to swiftly achieve right-first-time results. Real-time guidance and accurate data capture ensures faster QA/QC remote acceptance, streamlining the acceptance process.

Faster and Automatic Handover Packs: With automatic packs, data compilation becomes effortless, ensuring smooth transitions between project phases. This capability expedites the handover process significantly, minimising delays and ensuring projects move seamlessly from one stage to the next.

Vyn Health & Safety

Proactive Safety Culture: With Vyntelligence, field engineers and contractors prioritise safety, adhering to processes due to leading indicators. With Vyntelligence, safety compliance becomes ingrained, reducing risks and ensuring lives are saved.

Improved Situational Awareness: Real-time insights empower remote supervisors, allowing them to assure safety standards and quality compliance. This enhanced awareness not only reduces penalties but also creates a safer, healthier workforce, saving time and money.

Anomaly Detection AI: Vyntelligence’s Anomaly Detection AI automatically checks for PPE guideline adherence, protection barriers, and regulatory requirements globally. The platform predicts risks and raises timely alerts, improving quality and safety in field workforce activities.

Vyn QA/QC Review and Snagging

Quality Checks: Conduct systematic inspections to ensure that work complies with established standards, specifications, and contractual agreements.

Snagging List Creation: Identify and list down defects, incomplete works, or areas that don’t meet the quality standards, often using a ‘snagging’ or ‘punch list’.

Rectification Process: Assign teams or individuals to address and rectify the identified snags, ensuring that all issues are resolved to meet the quality benchmarks.

Final Verification: Re-inspect rectified areas to confirm that all snags have been addressed, and the work aligns with the expected quality standards.