Digital “eyes and ears” for your operations providing early
visibility and enabling timely actions.

Accelerate informed decisions – no more forms, yet smarter data

Easily enable remote supervision and equip your experts to close jobs faster. Simple to use and get your subcontractors and customers started, Vyn’s Smart Video AI technology is a more efficient way of engaging with your customers, contractors and suppliers. Real-time insights and smart alerts from everyday jobs and customer issues increase efficiency and productivity of your teams, keeping your field workers safe and building a right first-time culture.

We work with a variety of clients, although our core base is in the Utilities, Green Energy, Telecoms and Manufacturing industries. That’s not to say that the Vyn technology can’t be used in all manner of scenarios and we are always open to investigating how we can bring sustainable innovation into other sectors and industries.

Delivering value with every Vyn

Right first time

Low cost to serve

Reduce snags

Saved visits

Workforce safety

Use cases

Energy solutions

Safety and quality checks to monitor subcontractors work across operations.

Power Plants – Thermal, Hydro etc

Improving asset repair process (identification, job completion of work done) to help O&M teams with remote inspection, saving time and costs.

Solar PV projects

Remote Work Assurance for better quality and safety for construction projects, for right first time delivery on time and on budget.

Water companies

Customer Self-Assessment and Remote Video Auditing, with AI-powered video intelligence taking remote customer service to the next level.

Multinational manufacturers

Enhancing & streamlining richer data collection for installation surveys to drive cost efficiencies delivering 4x ROI.

The Vyn Advantage

Fewer job aborts

Reduction in failed visits/job aborts with remote expert audits.

Fewer visits

Customer self-surveys result in surveyors’ time being freed up.

Safety culture

Proactive culture embedded, with improved participation and reduced human error.

Reduced time

Less time to complete jobs leads to customer delight.

Improved data flow

Full data access for all – to build trust & improve collaboration between operational & field teams.

Knowledge base

Drive competency development through the creation of a searchable knowledge base.

Empower Your Workforce with Digital Eyes and Ears