Utilities – Gas, Water, Electric

Do your Customers & Colleagues expect easy-to-use digital experiences?

Gas, water and electricity providers continue to face numerous challenges to provide critical services.

Delivering a better customer experience has become even more imperative, despite contact centre overload and backlog

Field service costs are significant. Lack of good quality data leads to unnecessary, repeat & failed field visits

There is an urgent need to keep frontline staff & customers safe and sustainable, while providing ‘business as usual’ operations

There is a skills shortage of experts to get jobs done while trying to meet rising customer expectations

Improve Customer Experience and significantly cut your Operational Costs

Simple to deploy, Vyntelligence is a more efficient way of engaging with your customers, contractors and suppliers to be your digital ‘eyes and ears’ in the field.

Easily create a digital channel of engagement to video capture customer requests that seamlessly flows data to your field technicians. Equip your experts with contextual visual data to enable remote supervision and get more jobs done, faster.

Access real-time insights, available throughout the lifecycle of the job, in a searchable ‘YouTube-style’ video database. Action smart alerts from everyday jobs and customer issues – increasing operational efficiency and productivity.

Save visits. Build a right first time culture. Improve CSAT, CMEX and DMEX. Make your business more sustainable every day.

Benefits to core stakeholders


No need for for long discussions about issue – just share at a time that’s convenient to them via video link.

Call duration

Customer Satisfaction

Resolution time

Call Centre agent

No need to capture info from customer during lengthy calls.

Call agent productivity

Call duration

Data quality

Field Technician

360 degree view & past job history available to all crews, proactive safety culture.

Right first time visits

Engineer productivity

Resolution time


Investigatory trips avoided – all info needed contained in video and additional media & digital form.

Field visits

Productivity & triage time

Planning Team

Fewer aborted visits, early visibility of skills and tools requirement, shared database.

Planning team productivity

Field resource optimisation

Opportunities to upskill


Full visibility of operations, understanding of pressure points and critical demands, insights & trend analysis reports.


Resource optimisation

CSAT/ NPS/ ESG targets

Field service costs

The Vyn Advantage


Easily upgrade them to a simple digital Self-Serve option.

No more waiting on long contact centre calls. 

Customers can request for a service or report an issue with a short video from any smartphone using our web-based guided video storyboards in less than 60 seconds.  

Developers can use a self-serve option to video survey location specifics and site readiness details. Cut lead times for new installation or connection requests with remote surveying capability.


Get more done in a shorter time with better data

Know before you go. 

Rich contextual information and 360° view of the job, available throughout the history of the job, strengthens the ‘right first time’ culture leading to better quality of work and faster job completion.  

Supervisors can easily review and give annotated feedback, or hold guided live calls where necessary to assess work quality and resolve identified issues.


Gain full visibility of every job with rich contextual information

Make your people and processes agile with Vyn’s AI powered predictions. 

Get more jobs done, safely and right first-time. Automate supervision with Vyn’s AI-recommended alerts on quality, safety and job complexity in near real-time. 

Review operational KPIs by site, project, region, contractors and much more to get a full understanding of pressure points, insights and trends with a single click. Create the culture of faster decision making, faster resolution and service delivery.

Use cases

Vyn in Customer Self-Service

Vyn New Service Requests

Third parties (customers or developers) capture and share data for more efficient new connections and asset replacements, e.g. smart meter installs, new build gas/ water services

Vyn Convenient Issue Reporting

Self-service reporting resulting in faster issue resolution for events such as leaks, pollution incidents, broken/ missing manhole covers

Vyn in Construction, Installation & Commissioning

Vyn QA/QC Remote Contractor Supervision

Assurance of contractors’ work for QA/QC from a distance to save unnecessary visits.

Enable limited expert resources to be more focused and efficient.

Vyn Automatic handover packs

Reduce friction and asset commission time with seamless, permanent, digital evidence.

Vyn in Safety & Asset Management

Vyn Asset Inspections, Repair and O&M

Carry out planned & unplanned maintenance, repair and asset & safety inspections remotely – saving time, costs and carbon miles

Assessment of end-to-end quality/ safety hazards & controls in place

Vyn Proactive Safety Culture and Compliance across all parties

Better situational awareness and process adherence across contractors/ subs with insightful leading indicators into management

The Business Impact

Growth in Customer Self-Serve

Reduced field visits

Reduced time to New Connections

Reduction in team handovers

Users and clients love to Vyn sustainably…

Craig Rayner

Construction Supervisor

Northumbrian Water Group

“When I was asked to trial the Vyn app, being a bit of a dinosaur, I thought this was going to be a waste of time, but it’s probably been one of the best products that Northumbrian Water could have used.”

Michael Lapper

Head of Customer Experience

Cadent Gas

“The great thing about Vyntelligence … we’ve reduced lead times for the customer and get the job delivered right first time … by creating this remote surveying capability & tool, surveyors can now survey double figure jobs … geography is not a boundary anymore”

Nigel Watson


Northumbrian Water

“Switching to video intelligence saw many benefits. One was a better audit trail due to richer information. Second, filming using video has brought about a higher level of consciousness”

Nikki Flanders


Energy Customer Solutions SSE

“Vyn proved simple to deploy and has resulted in a 35% productivity improvement. We’re helping customers make greener choices with this innovative digital technology”

Natalie Danks

Customer Inspector Pilot

Severn Trent

“We’re able to prioritise and get field teams to those who need us more urgently and make better use of resources. 25% of issues reported are being mitigated upfront, saving visits and travel, especially with the price of fuel right now, and helping help customers faster”

Empower Your Workforce with Digital Eyes and Ears