Our story

“We want to create a more human business environment, powered by more human communications and using technology to simplify and improve our working lives. Everyday. Video and mobile are at the heart of this vision.”

We recognised that whilst business is increasingly mobile, many business tools are not. As businesses seek to improve productivity in their mobile teams, they lack the appropriate tools to make both users’ and managers’ lives easier. We saw that business systems were not as effective or efficient as they could be, because the people who were integral to capturing the data that drives them weren’t sufficiently considered in the design process.

In the anytime, anywhere economy we identified that we needed to reach the right person, at the right time, to capture the right information. This was the high-value human intelligence that was missing from business workflows. And if that intelligence, once captured, could be operationalised, it would drive better, faster decision-making and revolutionise productivity for any workflow.

We then designed and built our simple, intuitive and intrinsically human solution to this problem – Vyn.

What makes Vyn different?

People-first approach

We digitally enable your people to achieve more by doing less. Every Vyn embeds a proactive culture of quality, safety and a right first time approach while saving time and carbon miles.

Outcome focus

We pride ourselves on delivering faster business outcomes and up to 10x ROI for our clients. The simplicity of our technology and the end-to-end solution-based approach with video data from everyday activities is what makes us unique.

Sustainable innovation

We not only deliver sustainable business outcomes today, we future-proof your business with industry-specific AI models that extract value from rich video data of everyday operational activities.

Our Purpose drives our Vision and Values

We are driven by our purpose to simplify work for deskless workers and the modern consumer
to create a sustainable & efficient work environment


We don’t just Simplify work. We reimagine your current process. We hide the complexity and make it simpler for everyone. Simple to use. Simple to deploy and scale. Simple to realise 10x ROI with Vyn.


We realise that life is fast. But, we don’t prioritise speed for quality. We get you started with ease and help you win faster, in the right direction. Faster outcomes with every Vyn. Everyday.


Seeing is believing. We create trust with Vyn ‘digital eyes and ears’ for your teams wherever they are. Enabling your teams to know before they get the job done – quickly, efficiently and safely.


We build the right information flows so that everyone has the right data at the right time, creating active collaboration between multiple parties with contextual insights to get the job done. Sustainably.

Users and clients love to Vyn sustainably…

Craig Rayner

Construction Supervisor

Northumbrian Water Group

“When I was asked to trial the Vyn app, being a bit of a dinosaur, I thought this was going to be a waste of time, but it’s probably been one of the best products that Northumbrian Water could have used.”

Michael Lapper

Head of Customer Experience

Cadent Gas

“The great thing about Vyntelligence … we’ve reduced lead times for the customer and get the job delivered right first time … by creating this remote surveying capability & tool, surveyors can now survey double figure jobs … geography is not a boundary anymore”

Nigel Watson


Northumbrian Water

“Switching to video intelligence saw many benefits. One was a better audit trail due to richer information. Second, filming using video has brought about a higher level of consciousness”

Nikki Flanders


Energy Customer Solutions SSE

“Vyn proved simple to deploy and has resulted in a 35% productivity improvement. We’re helping customers make greener choices with this innovative digital technology”

Glyn Albrow

Program Director


“Installers now self-audit their own work with the Vyn technology. So 100% audits are being completed remotely, saving us over a million carbon miles so far. We are seeing faster installs by a factor of 70% and reduced re-works by 60%”

Natalie Danks

Customer Inspector Pilot

Severn Trent

“We’re able to prioritise and get field teams to those who need us more urgently and make better use of resources. 25% of issues reported are being mitigated upfront, saving visits and travel, especially with the price of fuel right now, and helping help customers faster”

Andy Waterworth

Regional Manager, Installations


“Vyn helped capture key information with a heightened sense of speed, reduced contact and sped up the process for customers … We think we should be saving potentially £130k-140k a year in saved visits by using Vyn.”

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