Are you a ‘Vynner’?

Join a growing global team of change-makers committed to helping clients win in the race to Net Zero

Why join Vyn?

Yoga, Meditation and Fitness training within office hours

Access to 3000+ well-being experiences including nutrition and relaxation

Flexible hybrid working policy with access to an on-demand co-working space app

Opportunity to build and collaborate with a diverse team

We work towards making work-life simpler for our customers and that reflects equally in our company culture. Our values are simplicity, velocity, mutuality and trust because we believe in simple, straightforward and transparent interactions within the team and constantly aim to work efficiently.

From Customer Success to AI and Software Engineering and People Success, we are an all-rounded team that works together in a flat structure. We encourage returning mothers to work and have various flexible working options to align with our values.

We believe in keeping humans at the heart of our work and this starts with our employees. Would you like to be a part of the Vyn culture?

Health and wellbeing

At Vyn, employee wellbeing is of utmost importance.

  • Yoga and fitness sessions during work hours to help you destress and take a break from your daily routine. Access to an all-inclusive wellbeing platform that has online and in-person activities to choose from – everything from Tai Chi to Aromatherapy!
  • We provide Vitality Health Insurance for all our UK-based employees. Through Vitality, you also get access to a variety of incentives that encourage you to consistently conduct health checks, maintain a fitness regime and live a more healthy and balanced life. Similarly, we provide access to Plum for all our India-based employees. This is a comprehensive group health insurance with seamless digital claims experience.


Virtual coffee, drinks and Friday lunch breaks to chill with the team.


Returning-mothers-to-work programme that allows you to balance work and family life with ease.
General parental leave for all parents with flexible return to work.

Growth and Development

HumanLearning Sessions to share our learnings and expertise with each other and get feedback.
Exclusive Fireside Chats with thought leaders and inspirational industry experts.

Empower Your Workforce with Digital Eyes and Ears