The Work Intelligence Platform Powered by AI & Short Guided Video

Scalable & Simple to Deploy

We simplify field work assurance, customer service requests and issue reporting using short guided video, photos, and speech AI. We reduce and digitise forms to provide a complete view of work quality or reported issues.


Fully personalise Vyntelligence to fit your workflow with zero code. Vyn requires no hardware other than a smartphone and can be accessed offline and in multiple languages.

Secure & scalable infrastructure

End-to-end data and privacy protection ensures information remains totally secure. Can be seamlessly integrated into any business system.


Lower cognitive load for users. Short guided video asks the right questions at the right time of the work process so remote experts can do more with Vyn’s automated supervision algorithms and active dashboards.

Flexible & Configurable

Zero Code

Built using standard web technologies and low code techniques and APIs, Vyn can easily tailor complex and novel data capture situations with short guided video making it simple and seamless to adapt and be more digital.

Complete Solution

The Vyntelligence SaaS platform provides a full remote video capture and live video capability in a single solution. Your teams can carry out their work more efficiently, while benefiting from work management and prioritisation capabilities for received work and detailed data analytics & insights for future planning.

Seamless Integration

Vyntelligence’s open API architecture offers out of the box integration with Salesforce and Amazon Web Services and further supports integration with enterprise work & asset solutions such as IBM Maximo, SAP and Oracle, and data sharing with analytics tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, etc.

Reusable & Searchable Knowledge Base


Never be left in the dark when it comes to
knowing the status of work being carried out in the field. Search and filter to get in-depth 360° visibility.

Smooth Handovers

Automatically share and reuse video data, available on-demand, between teams and third-parties to ensure jobs are smoothly transitioned and completed right first time. AI-powered alerts & nudges automate supervision with a trail of geo-tagged and time-stamped video evidence.

Upskilled Colleagues & Contractors

Make the most of your resources. Structured, customisable short guided video nudges users – even with complex tasks, enabling comprehensive collaboration, coaching from experts and upskilling of teams.

How it works

For field teams & customers

Field Teams

Record work reports with Vyn™ SmartVideoNotes™ or execute live assist calls in Android / iOS app

No additional hardware required, works offline

Receive annotated feedback from AI powered Vyntelligence or your supervisors


Record issues with faulty machinery, damaged consumer goods, or hard-to-describe water leaks and electrical faults

Convenient 24/7 access from multiple channels

For Supervisors & Remote Experts

Customer issues automatically routed to specific teams for timely action

Collaborate with multiple parties. Clear annotated and AI-enabled decision aides increase transparency and visibility of every job

Triage issue and take next best action (start a live call, remotely solve problem, or send an engineer with the right skills to complete the job right the first time)

For management

Tailored dashboards give insight on your operational performance, by asset type, team, or region and view trends for action

Irrefutable evidence with geo-tagged maps creates visibility and transparency throughout the lifecycle of a job

Vyntelligence AI with speech analytics and computer vision prioritises work and automates supervision

What Vyntelligence provides

Mobility for richer and smarter data capture
with patented vyn-prompted workflows, to get right insight at right time from right person

a. Multimedia data capture on mobile (video, audio, prescriptive images & forms)
b. Purpose-built, configurable storyboards to ensure data quality and consistency
c. App-based distribution for offline work

Remote Supervision, Collaboration and Inspection
with manual, automated (AI-powered annotation) and leading indicators for rapid, timely action by right person

Scheduling, Tracking and Analysis
to get the job done with geo-map based interface with intuitive Vyn dashboards

Tamper-proof, time-stamped reporting
for audit, claims and insurance purposes

Simple user onboarding
across the supply chain (Customers, sub-contractors and suppliers) within minutes

Swim-lane style dashboards
with easy-to-find insight on sites, assets and jobs

Searchable Common Data repository (Knowledge Base)
to systematically correlate and organise the metadata & videos across multiple functions

Enterprise grade Security and GDPR approved storage for easy retrieval & auditability

8×5 hours support as standard

Play differently


30-75 second self-recorded video notes (‘vyns’).


Guided storyboards based on your processes and methodologies.


AI-powered prompts facilitate rapid response and feedback.


End-to-end data and privacy protection ensures information remains totally secure.


Automatically post vyns straight into existing workflow systems from mobile – even offline.


Tags, storyboard categorisation and speech-to-text word recognition provides a rich source of metadata to drive action.

Empower Your Workforce with Digital Eyes and Ears