Up to 100% Remote Quality Assurance and Quality Control Inspections with Vyntelligence

“Vyn enables us to upskill and multiskill our field teams and make smarter use of our limited human resources”

– Operations & Strategy Specialist, Renewable Energy Multinational

Vyntelligence partnered with a multinational renewable energy corporation to deliver remote inspection, and quality control for their onshore wind construction projects.

The Challenge

As the size and number of projects grew, our client faced challenges scaling their existing checklist audit processes.

The increasing geographical spread of their projects put further strain on their limited pool of experts in a constrained labour market.

The Solution

Vyntelligence lets field workers carry out precise video based self-audits of the work, giving auditors a concise inspection package within minutes of completion.

Remote auditors review, approve and issue corrective actions as if they were on site, saving hours of travel.

Video enables the capture of AI insights, trends and project level views that is not possible with simple checklists and gives auditors assistance to drive better quality.

“Vyn’s AI allows you to start looking at what your recurring issues are and how you can fix them…It’s efficiency – it’s what every business is looking for. “

– Operations & Strategy Specialist, Renewable Energy Multinational

The Outcome

Our client performs 100% of site inspections remotely after deploying Vyntelligence and saves time, cost and carbon miles.

Vyntelligence was deployed in under 4 weeks across multiple sites for QA/QC mechanical, civil and electrical inspection processes and subcontractor works.

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