Vyn in Construction, Installation and Commissioning

Accelerate your installations with Vyn SmartVideoNotes – a more human approach to data-driven video and AI intelligence. Get more jobs done with fewer experts, improve operational efficiency, and reduce street works fines and revisits.

Make it easy for your field workers to deliver high quality jobs, safely and sustainably

With Vyn SmartVideoNotes, you can gather visual evidence and data from contractors, customers and developers on site with just a mobile device – getting the job done faster and more effectively.

Build 360° visibility with short video AI to enable self-serve and remote supervision. Vyns are available in a shared knowledge repository in near real-time for tracking, collaboration & remote monitoring – saving time and unnecessary field visits.

Simple to use, simple to deploy, simple to drive outcomes.

Business Impact Delivered


productivity improvement


reduction in Install to Commission timecycle


reduction in handover failures


reduction in snags/defects


reduction in non-compliance fines


audits completed remotely

Use Cases to Accelerate Installations

Vyn for Efficient Site Surveys

Obtain all site data in just one visit, achieving Right-First-Time metrics

Vyn for Reduced Snags List

Streamline, or even eliminate, snags lists for complex projects

Vyn for Remote Supervision

Video evidence assures field work for QA/QC, enabling remote checks and monitoring from fewer experts, and reducing non-compliance fines / FPNs for street works

A man stands in front of a brick house. He is holding a mobile phone and filming a dug up road in front of him to provide to his energy utility
An example of road signage used in street works

Vyn for Faster Approvals

Enable and upskill limited expert resources to drive approvals with Vyn scene recreation, virtually

Vyn for Automatic Handover Packs

Reduce friction and accelerate installations and commission time for assets with seamless, permanent, digital evidence

Vyn for Proactive Safety Culture

Better situational awareness and process adherence across contractors/ subs with insightful leading indicators into management

Vyn’s AI for Chapter 8 Signage Detection

Vyn’s innovative Chapter 8 Signage Detection AI accurately identifies street works signs, both in terms of placement and quality.

  • Experience significant cost savings by reducing fines and Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs)
  • Improve supervisor oversight and quality assurance, ensuring every project meets the highest standards
  • Prioritise field team safety with timely updates on potential hazards
  • Ensure focus with real-time alerts, ensuring proactive decision-making
  • Remain compliant with the latest regulations and permit requirements
  • Create evidence of work with time and date-stamped footage with GPS location
Vyn's AI Chapter 8 signage detection

Users and clients love to Vyn Sustainably

“100% of audits are now being completed remotely. We saw a 93% reduction in failed audits, which is a massive number and we never anticipated anything like that. The simplicity of the technology made it a simple guide for our engineers or installers to follow. The transformation was pretty much instantaneous.”

Glyn Albrow

LLU Process Specialist

Telent logo

“Having the Vyn Smart mobile application will provide tangible benefits and savings for both Telent and our customers. It will reduce time on site, allow our teams to carry out real time audits and, very importantly, help contribute towards meeting Telent’s commitment to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Grant Cowans

Head of Operations (ARP)

“Deployment of climate friendly technologies (such as solar and EV charging) require field service capacity to reach end users. Innovation tools like Vyntelligence help us extract this value”

Luis Manuel

Executive Board Member

Cadent logo

“Vyn has been revolutionary for safety. For the first time, we can get a video from the team working on the site … and if there are any issues, we can proactively fix them.
Today, we are the best performing network because we are correcting issues before we get a charge.”

William Bessa-Simons

Senior Delivery Support Manager

How does Vyn work?

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