Cadent Gas boosts safety and compliance in street works with Vyntelligence’s video and AI-powered solution

The Challenge

Cadent Gas wanted to improve safety culture in street works across distributed sites.

The Solution

Contractors in the field record a short guided video, known as a Vyn, at the start and end of each day, showing and talking about site conditions, hazards identified, and safety measures.

The audio-visual data serves as compliance evidence, as well as a coaching tool. Reviewed remotely by Cadent, near real-time, comprehensive visibility of distributed sites eliminates the need for time-consuming site visits. Management now monitors and controls site conditions remotely, alerting users (and their management) of issues to be resolved proactively. 

Vyn’s AI scans the audio and video for compliance with regulations such as correct signage and safe site conditions. When it detects issues, like missing signs, it instantly flags them to the site worker and to the management team.

Want to know how this was done? Check out the full case study.

The Outcome

  • 68% reduction in non-compliance fines in year 1 and 82% reduction in year 2
  • Substantial cost savings from a reduction in street works inspections 
  • 20% productivity gain with AI proactively flagging safety issues, such as ensuring barriers around excavators

“Vyn has been revolutionary for safety. For the first time, we can get a video from the team working on the site and see what the site looks like and if there are any issues, we can proactively fix them.
Today, we are the best performing network because we are picking up issues and correcting them before we get a charge.”

William Bessa-Simons, Senior Delivery Support Manager, Cadent Gas