Quick Quotes
Accurate, same-day quotes with Vyn SmartVideoNotes

Achieve same-day quotes, driving faster sales conversions and first-time-right installations. Eliminate the need for time-consuming and costly site visits — now, customers or field/sales teams can easily conduct surveys and initiate quotes with a simple guided video capture.

Vyn’s AI categorises each video by the complexity of the job. This smart categorisation makes each quote accurate, so your team can allocate resources more efficiently and reduce unexpected challenges during installation.

See how Cadent Gas cut their lead time for new gas connections by up to 85% with Vyn. 

Vyn it in a Minute

1. Your customer reaches out for a new connection via your website or a call to customer support. 

2. An SMS is sent to the customer with a link to record a quick video (a Vyn, as we like to call it) showing the site access and connection area, ensuring you get all the details you need without going to the site.

3. Your team reviews the submitted Vyn on the same day and prepares a service quote based on the information provided. The quote is sent to the customer, detailing the costs and the scope of service. 

4. The customer reviews the quote and accepts it, initiating the connection process. The service team can make the connection, completing the customer’s journey. 
And that’s it — the customer is all set!

At Vyntelligence we’re proud to be trusted by leading utilities, telcos, and green energy companies. Feel free to chat with our team today, or take a look at some of the other work we’ve been doing across these industries.