Smart video improves customer experience and shortens order-to-delivery time at JLA

With a nationwide network of over 400 service engineers, JLA provides a range of maintenance and service solutions to carry out vital checks and fix breakdowns ensuring customer safety and compliance. A leading service provider and critical equipment supplier of laundry, catering, heating, fire safety and infection control solutions, JLA supports over 25,000 customers to run their business-critical equipment smoothly. 

Enhancing data capture through Smart Video

Seeking to improve customer experience, JLA turned to Vyntelligence to increase the accuracy of price quotes for installation services through Smart Video. JLA’s previous system required Area Sales Managers (ASMs) to book a sale after which an engineer was scheduled to conduct a scoping of the location with a long checklist. This data was then entered into an Excel spreadsheet and pictures were sent by email with no standard file naming or location details. Installation managers would then review the data and provide an installation quote. This system often led to time delays and increased costs in pre-installation steps. 

Vyn reimagined the process by digitising the price quote checklist to include a short video of the site with multimedia inputs. With Vyn, ASMs can book a sale and immediately complete a Vyn-enabled scoping of the location. Installation managers then review the data in one seamless interface, allowing them to provide an installation quote with more accurate geo-tagged and labelled data. Now, a video can be captured at the time of sale thus avoiding an engineer visit for site survey. Central office staff can action next steps by adding comments and labels to the videos. Vyn’s automatic labelling and classification aid the assessors with easy search and action on the field. 

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Delivering a seamless customer experience

Andrew Waterworth, Installation Manager at JLA, shared that Vyn’s Remote Assurance technology equips ASMs with the right tools to capture information better – “bringing in this level of technical scoping gives the customer a sense of confidence and a more professional service.” Vyn shortened order-to-delivery time and helped save over £16,000 in engineer visits alone. With a video-enabled survey process, repeat visits were reduced by 15% and delivery time by 21%. 

Improving health and safety culture 

Vyn also played a critical role in ensuring that health and safety measures were met – “our industry was at the forefront of infection control during the pandemic” shared Andrew, “Vyn helped capture really important information, reduced contact and sped up the process for customers.” Andrew’s top tip on driving business outcomes with Vyn is to share insights across teams and “be open-minded to the benefits it can bring across the business”.

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