Scaling Innovation – We are doing it. Are you?

Innovation is often described as a birth to a solution. A solution that could contribute heavily towards growth and efficiencies – impacting workforces, organisations, and society at large. However, no newborn can achieve an impact until nurtured.  Committing to viable and sustainable ideas and adopting them systematically to create value is what gives scale.

Obviously, this is always easier said than done. Hence, at Vyntelligence, we regularly host the Vynners’ Community. The Vynners’ Community allows individuals to share ideas, collaborate and learn from each other, best practices and better ways of maximising benefit from the  short video ecosystem that Vyn enables in their organisation.

In this edition of Vynners’ Community, we were joined by two forward thinking and futuristic leaders, Debby Richardson from NWL and Eamonn Brownlee from SSE. The two came together to share their journey of being at the pinnacle of scaling innovation in their space.

Scaling Innovation

“Innovation is a means to achieve higher efficiency”, said Debby Richardson, Customer Projects Distribution Agent at NWL

Debby focuses on water efficiency projects and leading the leaky loos vertical at NWL. Innovation in her space means higher efficiency with a clear goal of saving water! To aid this aim, Vyn was launched to allow customers to record their problems asynchronously through a guided short video – giving NWL much needed information, saving visits and most importantly reducing call centre times. 

The solution was up and running again in less than 6 weeks (October 21’). Soon after, crossing the chasm and involving an early majority, the volumes were higher as customers became comfortable.

Debby’s next aims focus on creating an ecosystem across the whole supply area, proactively promoting Vyn to more users and saving water faster by quick fixes and replacing paper information packs. All of this is centred towards “Less time spent trying to understand the problem, and more time spent helping customers”.

“Highlight the benefits of innovation – simplicity and speed – to enable change management”, said Eamonn Brownlee, General Manager at SSE

Eamonn’s world widely focuses on energy services. His initial task was around reducing call outs, faster resolutions & installations and improving first-time fixes. SSE started using Vyn for QA Audits and Engineer Job Cards, both providing extensive visibility into all jobs and audits. Using Vyn brought to light the business metrics essential to evaluate activity and converted the auditing process into a real time activity, saving over 30 minutes/audit.

Subsequently, Vyn has been expanded to contractors – for the entire value chain of activities – initial gas tests, during and after the job is completed. To scale, Vyn will be used as a solution for boiler services. This would involve sales surveys, installations & audits, providing SSE with a streamlined process, a substantial knowledge base & faster job turnarounds. As the team transitions, Eamonn highlighted the need to take people along and highlight the benefits of simplicity and velocity for the frontline teams to enable faster change management.  

Scaling Innovation: Be passionate about bringing change now while keeping an eye on the full potential

Both Debby and Eamonn are passionate about bringing change to their ecosystems. The problems identified had agile solutions and proved useful very quickly. It was then about bringing in a vision to transform how teams worked and an aim to deploy a process solution. Soon enough, they created a short-video ecosystem that enabled a culture of show and tell, promoting a personable digital interaction.

Scaling innovation is about being on a transformation journey and being excited about the small increments whilst continuing to believe in the full potential of the innovation itself. Hence, at Vyn we believe, in no time, it’s going to all be about short videos!

Eager to scale innovation with Smart Video & AI capability in your organisation? Sign up for our 2-week free trial, aimed at rapid enablement of a ‘show and tell culture’. Let’s scale today!

Madhur Chandak

Madhur works in the Customer Success and Solution Architecture space at Vyntelligence. His role ranges from getting customers started with Vyn by analysing requirements all the way to business intelligence to extract data driven value.