Faster Mobile Deployments with Enhanced Efficiency

Achieve 75% faster audits with Vyn

Vyntelligence is driving mobile network deployment for leading infrastructure providers.

This is achieved through faster installations, fewer resource requirements, and improved oversight as contractors and colleagues self-audit their work. 

With Vyn’s short video capture and AI/ML-powered labelling and recommendations, leading telcos such as Openreach, Lyntia Networks and Boldyn Networks have streamlined their installation process, making it faster and leaner.

See how Lyntia Networks cut their quality control process by over 30% with Vyn.

Vyn Network Plan, Construct & Install

From streetworks to tower erection, equipment installation, electrical setup, and grounding protection, Vyntelligence ensures perfection. Field engineers, guided in real time, achieve right-first-time precision, eliminating errors, rework, and revisits.

Remote supervisors gain instant quality assurance, ensuring compliance with engineering standards. They benefit from auditable, visual information and insight of works and assets, installation / condition, including any snags to be corrected. Historical data & video asset information enables assignment of simple issues to junior staff. 

Vyn Commission, Acceptance & Handovers

Faster QA/QC Remote Acceptance: Through self-audits, field engineers receive guidance to swiftly achieve right-first-time results. Real-time guidance and accurate data capture ensures faster QA/QC remote acceptance, streamlining the acceptance process.

Remote Safety Assurance: By recording work with precision, the platform enhances situational awareness and strengthens adherence to safety measures among field teams. Safety becomes proactive, ensuring a secure working environment.

Faster and Automatic Handover Packs: With automatic packs, data compilation becomes effortless, ensuring smooth transitions between project phases. This capability expedites the handover process significantly, minimising delays and ensuring projects move seamlessly from one stage to the next.

Vyn Network Maintenance & Upgrades

Efficient Remote Operations: Field engineers conduct planned & unplanned maintenance, repairs, and safety inspections remotely, saving time, costs, and reducing carbon miles. Vyntelligence’s real-time guidance ensures right-first-time actions, addressing issues promptly.

Comprehensive Safety Assessments: Remote supervisors gain real-time quality and safety assurance. The AI assesses end-to-end quality, identifying hazards and ensuring proper controls. Corrective and preventive maintenance actions are streamlined, enhancing asset condition monitoring.

Seamless 5G Upgrades: Vyntelligence facilitates seamless upgrades to 5G mast connectivity. It addresses raised issues or snags promptly, ensuring the upgrade process is swift, efficient, and precise.

Vyn Health & Safety

Proactive Safety Culture: With Vyntelligence, field engineers and contractors prioritise safety, adhering to processes due to leading indicators. With Vyntelligence, safety compliance becomes ingrained, reducing risks and ensuring lives are saved.

Improved Situational Awareness: Real-time insights empower remote supervisors, allowing them to assure safety standards and quality compliance. This enhanced awareness not only reduces penalties but also creates a safer, healthier workforce, saving time and money.

Anomaly Detection AI: Vyntelligence’s Anomaly Detection AI automatically checks for PPE guideline adherence, protection barriers, and regulatory requirements globally. The platform predicts risks and raises timely alerts, improving quality and safety in field workforce activities.

Vyn QA/QC Inspections and Zero Snagging

Quality Inspection Checks: Field users conduct digitised, systematic inspections, ensuring compliance with established standards and contractual agreements. Digitised inspections enable real-time data capture and analysis.

Snagging List Creation: Field users generate detailed snag reports, listing defects and incomplete works promptly. The snagging process becomes streamlined, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Real-time Collaboration with Network Operations Center: Remote supervisors inspect and assign snags or defects remotely. Field users capture observations effortlessly using Vyntelligence, ensuring seamless communication and issue tracking.

Faster Reporting and Closure: Field users report snags instantly, and remote supervisors can track observations until closure. Root cause analysis is facilitated, ensuring thorough issue resolution.

At Vyntelligence we’re proud to be trusted by leading telcos, feel free to chat with our team today, or take a look at some of the other work we’ve been doing across the sector.