Digital ‘eyes and ears’ for your operations, providing early visibility and enabling timely actions

Vyn AI-powered SmartVideoNotes platform digitises and automates multiple deskless work processes using video as data, to deliver significant outcomes faster using mobile-first technology.

Remote Work Assurance

With Vyntelligence, you can gather visual data/ evidence from contractors, customers and developers, to facilitate faster job handovers and installations. Enable remote collaboration, timely and informed decisions using our insights dashboards with AI-powered video intelligence.

Reimagine field data journeys with SmartVideoNotes. Strengthen first-time-right culture. Improve quality & safety with Vyn in Construction, Installation and Commissioning.

Efficient site surveys
Obtain all site data in just one visit, achieving Right-First-Time metrics

Remote contractor supervision
Assurance of contractors’ work for QA/QC from a distance to save unnecessary visits

Reduced snags list
Streamline, or even eliminate, snags lists for complex projects

Faster handovers & approvals
Enable limited expert resources to be more focused and efficient

Including the implementation of:

Proactive Safety Culture and Compliance with leading indicators across all parties

Vyn in Customer Self-Service

Improve Customer Experience with an easy to use digital self-serve channel of engagement. Empower customers to report issues digitally, saving them time and deflecting contact centre calls.

No more waiting on contact centre calls, or inefficient repetitive interactions with call centre agents.

A new channel of engagement, available 24×7, users are proactively guided to report an issue or request a service by simply creating a short video with Vyn SmartVideoNotes. These Vyns are smartly routed with automatic recommendations (next best action) ready for triaging by experts to resolve the issue faster.

Vyns are available in a smart searchable knowledge base to inform and upskill technicians and call centre agents. Win Customer Trust with Vyn in Customer Self-Service.

New service requests
Third parties (customers or developers) capture & share data for more efficient new connections/ asset replacements

Convenient issue reporting
Self-service reporting resulting in faster issue resolution

Asset and Site Safety Management

Even at the best of times, health and safety is tough to manage – dealing with unknown risks and HiPos, or outdated information on the known risks at your workplace.

Remote O&M Inspections
Carry out planned & unplanned maintenance, asset & safety inspections remotely – saving time, costs and carbon miles

Proactive Safety Culture, with leading indicators for:
Near miss reporting, last minute risk assessment, spot checks, fresh eyes

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