New Gas and Electricity Service Connections

Give customers the power to self-survey cutting install lead times by up to 85% with Vyntelligence SmartVideoNotes
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Simple for Customers, Simple for Surveyors and Simple for installers

A man stands in front of a brick house. He is holding a mobile phone and filming a dug up road in front of him to provide to his energy utility
Contact Centre agent remotely triaging a leaky loo report
A female energy utilities engineer wearing an orange hi visibility jacket is talking to a middle aged customer in a grey jacket outside a property that is receiving a new power connection.

With limited field resources and impatient customers, the old model of sending a surveyor to site is no longer the sustainable way to survey.

Vyn guides your customers though a self survey, using only their mobile. 

It removes the waiting for the surveyor and enables the customer to record and submit their survey 24×7, at their convenience.

Our unique combination of video with embedded AI identifies all the details needed for a desktop agent to review and accurately quote for the works.

Customers can be kept engaged throughout the planning phase, with through a mix of automated reports and augmented reality live video calls.

Allowing you to manage new connections end to end without adding carbon miles from travel until the site is ready for the final installation.