AI for Outcomes

Prioritise and Automate Supervision with Vyntelligence AI

Vyntelligence breaks through the crowded AI technology market to deliver strong commercial outcomes

Our AI is vertical so our datasets are highly specialised to your industry and use cases. See how our AI is different:

Quality of data for target domains:

Vyntelligence has collected significant data across workflow functions and industries for delivering AI models where public data is not easily available

Extensible enterprise AI pipeline:

Vyn has been built from the ground-up with provision for enabling and plugging in AI / ML models as required; faster deployments are therefore possible, as new infrastructure work is minimised.

Multimodal AI:

We mix different data types of AI like Computer Vision for photos and Natural Language Processing for Speech and supplement with Contextual Data to create the most accurate and useful recommendations

Use of synthetic data pipelines to augment field data

We ensure new models are ready to work out-of-the-box for faster deployments with our extensive work with synthetic data

What does Vyntelligence AI Mean for You?

Automated Alerts

AI sifts through data to identify high-priority items, focusing your attention where it matters – helping to enhance work quality and increase safety on site

Assisting Regulatory Compliance

AI takes a high level overview of all the data captured (eg. speech, labels, objects) and identifies compliance, flagging and routing noncompliant scenarios for review

Field Recommendations

AI automatically identifies and categorises site attributes, eg. environmental and access issues, generating a searchable knowledge base

Uniquely positioned, Vyn AI augments proprietary industry-specific and in-house synthetic data pipelines to accelerate new models and address long-tail problems. Vyn does not use AI for assessing any individual’s facial or speech analyses , including for the analysis of video resumes and video questionnaires for hiring. Data provenance and traceability are a core part of Vyn’s AI.

A decision aid that helps everyone
focus on what’s most important

Field User

Sharpen focus on gathering the right data with relevant context and nudges on what to capture


Use recommendations to simplify review, approve, and take next best actions in a timely manner


Benefit from past experiences to gain insights and share knowledge, upskilling non-experts

Achieve significant business outcomes with data applied to dynamically changing workflows


of repair jobs automatically predicted on complexity level, reducing unnecessary site visits for an energy services client


reduction in site visits and smart auto-categorisation of leaks for a water utility with customer reported SmartVideoNotes


accuracy in PPE & occupational safety hazards spotting, eliminating active manual supervision for a power utility

Automate supervision so your Experts can focus on what really matters

Vyn has the largest bank of proprietary verticalised AI analysers and benchmarks for infrastructure and retail applications.

Auto-labelled audio and video data assets unique to Vyn predict risks and dynamically raise alerts/red-flags to the right person for timely resolution enabling your teams to be more agile and create a culture of proactive quality and safety with machine intelligence.

  1. Model detects site safety objects such as barriers and cones
  2. Localises trenches and fatal zones
  3. Determines risk-factor by looking for Excavators, Water in trench, Workers at height, PPE
  4. Combines visual cues with speech extracts and other contextual data to automatically categorise site for compliance, complexity, and risk profile, to auto alert your teams in real-time to prioritise work and automate supervision.

Empower Your Workforce with Digital Eyes and Ears