Site visits saved and customer satisfaction score up to 9.29 with Vyn SmartVideoNotes

Wales & West Utilities, gas distribution network to over 7.5 million people, partnered with Vyntelligence to digitise new connection requests and customer complaints reporting.

The Challenge

Our client found that physical site surveys were time consuming and constrained the speed of new connections/alterations. This impacted cost to serve and customer experience. Lack of visibility often led to aborted visits, delaying customer request fulfilment.

They needed to see what their customers see at site without making an in-person site visit.

The Solution

With Vyn SmartVideoNotes, when requesting a new connection/alteration, customers can show their site information with a guided short video. A quote can be formalised on the same day/next day without needing to travel to the site.

Want to know how this was done? Check out the full case study.

The Outcome

70% of site survey Vyns received resulted in a saved visit and over £9,500 was saved in survey costs in a month.

Moreover, their OFGEM Customer Satisfaction Score for connections work has increased from 8.24 to 9.29 with Vyn in just 6 months.

“The key to the success of this technology is simplicity. A vulnerable customer needed an alteration urgently. Instead of waiting for potentially 11 working days for a quote, using Vyn, the quotation was raised, surveyed, and sent within 30 minutes.”

Claire Edwards, Customer Service Manager, Wales & West Utilities