Improved developer customer experience scores and 2,500 hours of administration saved

United Utilities, leading water supplier to more than 3 million homes and businesses, partnered with Vyntelligence to improve their new connections processes.

United Utilities deploys Vyn to improve Developer Experience

The Challenge

United Utilities wanted to improve customer experience by simplifying the way customers explain the status of their sites and identify any issues.

The Solution

United Utilities deployed Vyn to customers and field teams to build a digital video record of site visits and issues for action. Customers now carry out a guided self-survey at the site, reducing the need to wait for an appointment.

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The Outcome

100% of customers rated service as good or excellent. Customer satisfaction from first contact with United Utilities has increased, with all customers saying they would reuse the service

Moreover, they saved 2,500 hours of administrative time on paperwork, freeing up time to focus on quality and improving productivity.

“We can identify what customers need quicker and get them on the right path.”

Nicola Fletcher, Area Manager, United Utilities