United Utilities and Wales & West Utilities Reduce Customer Lead Times for Developer Services and Improve Customer Experience with Vyn SmartVideoNotes

At our recent Vynners’ Community event, we were joined by Star Vynners, Claire Edwards from Wales & West Utilities and Nicola Fletcher from United Utilities. They shared how they were able to transform Customer Experience to deliver an 80% same-day resolution rate and save over 2,500 hours of administration time, respectively.

Nicola Fletcher from United Utilities and Claire Edwards from Wales & West Utilities at Vynners’ Community – Rapid Change with Digital Self-Serve Solutions

Claire Edwards leads the Customer Service Team and oversees the in-house call centre, complaint handling, priority customer team, and is accountable for monitoring and delivering their Guaranteed Standards of Service obligations.

Seeking ways to improve Customer Experience, Wales & West Utilities chose Vyntelligence for its ability to let customers easily send guided short videos of their issues from their phone.

Within 60 seconds of the report, managers can see the video on their smartphones from wherever they are, clearly visualise the customer issue and decide remedial action.

80% of issues are resolved within a day where the customer uses Vyn.

Vyn’s guided SmartVideoNotes also works perfectly for new service connections. It directs the customer to capture the right site details in a structured way, with a simple user interface and reduces the reliance on site visits to clarify customer requirements.

Long phone calls and email chains have been replaced with a simple 30-second video. The richness of video, GPS and smart form data means quotes are formalised on the same day/next day without needing to travel to the site.

“Vyn is a game changer! In one example, a vulnerable customer needed an alteration urgently. Instead of waiting for potentially 4 days for a quote, using Vyn, the quotation was raised, surveyed, and sent within 30 minutes.”

Claire Edwards, Customer Service Manager, Wales & West Utilities

Nicola Fletcher, Area Manager at United Utilities, focuses on Developer Services and managing new water connections.

Managing enquiries from individuals to complex large developers, Nicola recognised her teams were struggling to visualise the customer site, making it hard to deliver a quick and right first-time resolution.

“We really wanted to be that leader in innovation”

Nicola Fletcher, Area Manager, United Utilities

United Utilities embraced Vyntelligence as a way to improve Developer Customer Experience. Instead of sending in multiple unstructured photographs or long notes that caused loss in translation between customer, office and field teams, customers capture it all in a simple guided Vyn. 

The detail captured in the Vyn lets remote surveyors review the site in near-real time, leading to better customer experience as their needs are understood. The Vyns become a common record of the site throughout the end-to-end journey. Surveyors and field teams are clear on the site requirements and status at each step and customers get the best possible service. 

With Vyn, customer satisfaction from first contact with United Utilities has increased, with all customers rating the service as good or excellent and saying they would reuse the service. 

“Customers can show us what they’re doing and that allows us to get them on the right path quicker, avoiding any delays and improving communication and customer experience.” 

Nicola Fletcher, Area Manager, United Utilities
Takeaways for Implementing Digital Change:
  • Make sure there are clear success criteria 
  • Communicate benefits to the team well in advance and get them engaged – this is key in adopting new technology
  • Continuous engagement to empower your teams and really adopt the technology and explore it
  • Be passionate – passion is contagious!
  • Keep the storyboards short and simple – that’s the power of video! 
  • Persevere, change can be tough but it’s definitely worth it!
Want to learn more? Download the full case studies here: 

Wales & West Utilities

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Missed the event? Click here to watch the recording.