Easily enable digital self-audit capability with Vyn SmartVideoNotes

Vyntelligence partnered with a multinational energy provider to enable digital self-audit and improve visibility into field activity.

The Challenge

Our client was struggling to quickly identify and draw insights on completed repair and servicing jobs with their current paper-based job cards.

They needed to enable a method for engineers to digitally self-audit with an aim to improve efficiency of job cards.

The Solution

Vyntelligence digitally enabled engineers to record completed jobs on customer site visits and
introduced a remote supervision capability.

With our SmartVideoNotes technology, engineers were auto-guided to show and summarise the work they’ve completed in a short video, resulting in improved process efficiency by reimagining data capture and digitalising job completion cards.

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The Outcome

Within 3 weeks, all engineers were remotely onboarded and our client started seeing clear visibility into all repair and servicing jobs in the field with digital self-audit and job completion workflow.

With near real-time insights from the field, our client had early visibility and action-oriented dashboards deliver data intelligence with single click to insight.

Vyn allows us to capture the full picture of a job, from start to finish. It makes servicing easier and streamlined for engineers on site. From a quality perspective, we can see that the boiler service is being carried out like it’s supposed to

Eamonn Brownlee, General Manager ROI, Energy Services

Upsell opportunities worth over €550,000 were automatically identified from the data captured on boiler replacements.