Video-enabled inspections avoid 5x more potential safety incidents

Vyntelligence partnered with a multinational energy company to enable a self-assessment with video inspections and remote assurance capability for vehicle checks.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to build a proactive safety culture by standardising their vehicle inspection process. They also wanted to create an immutable auditable history on inspection data.

They wanted better insight on commonly recurring faults and to use AI to automatically identify defects that the auditor might fail to notice. 

Finally, they wanted auditors to be situationally aware while conducting vehicle inspections to ensure that vehicles were safe to go out on the road.

The Solution

Vyntelligence simplified vehicle inspections using short, guided videos and dynamic checklists.

Vyn’s AI analysers and classifiers, built on computer vision and speech processing auto-identified potential defects based on video data.

Want to know how video inspections was deployed? Check out the full case study.

The Outcome

Within 6 weeks of testing, our mobile-first digital solution was enabling auditors to be proactive and situationally aware. Auditors were now able to identify 5x more potentially fatal incidents.

With Vyn we were able to identify faults as part of the POC. Vyn picked up safety issues and helped us stop vehicles from going out on the road avoiding potential incidents

Digital Innovations Manager

With 360 degree visibility for every vehicle, our client built an immutable, auditable asset record of every inspection detailing condition and faults backed with video evidence.

Vyntelligence helped develop a new remote assurance capability with early KPI visibility and action-oriented dashboards, enabling faster remote reviews and management intervention.