Accelerating Digital Transformation in Utilities: A Compendium of Case Studies

Energy transition & skills shortage is accelerating digital transformation in Utilities

In the face of climate change and mass shortage of skilled experts, accelerating digital transformation has a key role to play in enabling strategic sustainability and competitive advantage for utilities.

Innovation & digital transformation is key for Utilities

In this context, to easily innovate and deliver smarter business outcomes across the value chain, is an area that utilities are looking to invest in. Governments and industry bodies are promoting this innovation too. For example, Ofwat has set up a £200 million innovation fund with the objective of meeting the needs of, and creating long-term value for customers, society and the environment through innovation. 

But, it’s not often that businesses succeed in the innovation or digital transformation projects they embark on. Independent studies by McKinsey state that 70% of digital transformations fail and businesses need much more than the right technology to succeed. Businesses need to bring the world of consumer experiences into the enterprise with easy to use technology that makes the work life of people – colleagues, customers and contractors – simpler. 

Enabling success in innovation projects faster

We have pulled together nine case studies from a range of European Utilities, who have successfully transformed their customer and field processes to realise success in less than 10 weeks. Packed with rich context and clear outcomes, it offers an insight on the challenges and the video-enabled solution they have deployed to succeed in their digital transformation initiatives. 

“Vyntelligence has delivered 5x ROI and NPS is up 20% in the first 8 months. By continuing to harness the power of digital video evidence and Vyn’s AI-enabled prioritisation for our operational teams, we expect to double that ROI in year 2.”

Pedro Ribeiro, Director, EDP Comercial

This compendium of success stories offers insight into how nine leading European Utilities, like Engie, EDP, Cadent Gas and Northumbrian Water, have transformed their operations and customer engagement to realise significant value – up to 85% reduction in lead times, 7x growth in customer self-serve and achieving up to 9x ROI.