Creating a proactive safety
and learning culture

Improving Thermal Plant productivity by accelerating mitigation actions 20x faster for one of the world’s top 10 energy companies

The Challenge

To simplify safety reports while creating a proactive safety culture. The client faced a number of challenges in their workplace safety processes, including checklists that were lengthy and subject to cognitive bias. Supervisors had limited visibility and, at times, insufficient data to take appropriate action on last-minute risks, safety walk reports and hazards. They were seeking to shift their safety culture from a rule-based checklist system to a more proactive safety mindset.

The Solution

A simple-to-use Safety Solution
delivered in under 6 weeks. Vyntelligence simplified the risk assessment processes. By enabling rich multimodal data capture and providing an AI-enabled supervisory interface, the client could review risks/hazards and close the loop in near real-time.

With greater visibility of Last Minute Risk Assessment and Safety Walks for example, Vyn improved coverage, participation, and safety culture. Simplified dashboards increased the visibility of safety KPIs and enabled the
investigation/ resolution of root causes.

The Outcome

Heightened awareness and sensitivity to workplace safety & 20x faster incident response time.

“Vyntelligence enhanced our
incident response time and are
helping to embed our Fair & Just
safety culture.”
– Thermal Power Plant GM

Faster incident response (20x)

Digitised the Health, Safety & Environment
(HSE) end-to-end processes – saving time
and acting faster. Reduced the overall
cycle for decision making

Pervasive safety and learning culture

Enabled everybody to become a safety
advocate – the ‘eyes and ears’ in the field for
proactively identifying health & safety hazards

Empower Your Workforce with Digital Eyes and Ears