Make savings with faster New Connections for Utilities and Telecoms

Utility and telecom connections breathe life into any development by providing access to essential networks for energy, water, and communications. However, getting these connections in the right place at the right time is often a struggle for both customers and providers.

“Ensuring the UK has a framework that facilitates connections being made in as efficient a manner as possible is key to users and to the economy as a whole.”

Dermot Nolan, former CEO, OFGEM*

Digital innovation technologies have the potential to revolutionise field operations. Smarter use of resources, unlocking new efficiencies and reimagining the customer experience can enable both time and cost savings for these critical connections.

Self-service short video technology enables digital transformation

Vyntelligence (or Vyn), the world’s first deep-learning Video Intelligence Platform digitally transforms frontline operations and customer engagement for utilities and telecom industries; capturing complex information as video data.

The Vyntelligence Video Intelligence Platform - mobile app and supervisor dashboard
Vyn’s Video Intelligence Platform digitally transforms field operations

By using video in this pioneering way, comprehensive data is firstly collected from the field. Secondly, experts remotely review the information to expedite the installation process. Finally, AI and deep learning models are applied to help prioritise and take action on insights and recommendations.

Leading European utilities have streamlined their operations and customer engagement to realise significant business and ESG value. Up to 85% reduction in lead times, 7x growth in customer self-serve and up to 9x ROI are just some of the outcomes delivered.

Read more about these outcomes in our case study compendium.

We can help you with the business case – see the savings and ROI for yourself

With new connections hitting c.50,000 annually for a UK gas network operator, the potential for savings is indeed immense. Reduction in resource and travel costs, time and carbon miles are all possible with Vyn.
Add your numbers into our ROI calculator for an example of the savings you could be making.

(For these calculations, we assume 20% of quotes are either simple enough to not require a site visit, or so complex that an expert needs to carry out the survey. In these instances, Vyn’s self-service option is not required.)

Truly innovative technology should be simple to implement. Our self-service solution can be up and running within 6 weeks, with benefits immediately apparent. And you certainly don’t need to be a wizard to use the technology either.

“When I was asked to trial the Vyn app, being a bit of a dinosaur, I thought this was going to be a waste of time, but it’s probably been one of the best products we could have used.”

Craig Rayner, Construction Supervisor, NWL

Customer self-serve for new connections with Vyn SmartVideoNotes

Physical site surveys are resource-heavy and time-consuming. Since everyone is drawing on the same limited pool of expert and skilled resources, the need to optimise and mobilise resources is paramount.

Cadent Gas needed visual insights from site to accelerate deployments and respond to customer requests faster. Instead of relying on surveyors, their customers were digitally guided to show site information with Vyn’s short video. This resulted in an 85% reduction in lead times. This was made possible with asynchronous collaboration with image annotations, scene re-creation and a searchable knowledge base for desktop surveyors.

Hear what Mike Lapper, Head of Customer Experience, Cadent Gas, had to say about Vyn

Faster revenue realisation for connections – more accurate data and greater visibility

Improving visibility of the job for all parties means fewer revisits and reworks accordingly. Similarly, aborted visits become a thing of the past. No more wasted trips to a property only to discover that the site is not ready and the job cannot be completed.

With Vyn, every installation visit results in a satisfactory completion. Moreover, job closure is achieved in an accelerated fashion, resulting in faster customer quotes, faster revenue realisation and improved CX/ NPS.

“A vulnerable customer needed an alteration urgently. Instead of waiting for potentially 11 working days for a quote, a Vyn link was sent, the quotation was raised, surveyed, and sent within 30 minutes”

Head of Customer Service, Gas Distribution Network
Faster, cheaper new connections. Happier customers. 100% improvement in Customer Complaint response - 85% reduction in lead times - 0 aborts.
Benefits realised by utilities customers using Vyntelligence for new connections

Make savings with faster new connections. Happier customers, colleagues and contractors.

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