Enabling Sustainable Impact for a Better Planet and Profit

In this blog, we share key insights and perspectives on sustainable impact from industry leaders across energy, telecoms, manufacturing, tech and beauty sectors at our recent annual event, Perspectives with Vyn.

Audience in rapt attention at "Perspectives with Vyn" at Somerset House, London

We are extremely grateful to all those who joined us, speakers and guests, last week at Somerset House in London to share their Perspectives on a topic close to our hearts – “Reimagining People Impact for a Better Planet & Profit”

Why is this topic dear to us?

Because we believe that leaders need to rethink how they enable and empower their people today to create sustainable impact tomorrow. Sustainable impact in multiple ways – creating long term positive impact on the lives of people, across all 3 vectors of the ESG framework. Because we know that getting your ESG proposition right, links to higher value creation.

Areas that are of particular interest to us are: 

  • reducing waste, 
  • upskilling people particularly deskless workers who account for 80% of the global workforce, 
  • And, helping our clients build a more proactive approach to health & safety. 

We do this by creating active and actionable digital collaboration between stakeholders in distributed locations with high quality Vyn (short asynchronous video) data. 

We also believe ESG outcomes go hand-in-hand with better business outcomes. 

But, it is our client stories of impact that drives us on. With small steps that lead to big changes. Stories of how we have enabled their teams to be more impactful in their societies, with their customers, colleagues and contractors. For example, we have cut c2.5 million carbon miles across our client deployments in the US, UK, Europe, ME and Asia and saved close to 1.6 million gallon litres of water with faster leak fix in the UK. 

Perspectives celebrates the innovation and thought leadership of speakers from diverse industries – energy, telecom, EV Charging Infrastructure, Beauty with a conscience, manufacturing and people technology, from India, UK and Europe.  

We had Arun Bansal, CEO Adani Airports; Nicki Kay, Managing Director at Zund UK and Adam Hale, Scale-up Advisor share their perspectives via video. 

Arun Bansal shared that sustainability is no longer a buzz word, but an environment, economic and social driver that’s changing our day to day life. 

The key to enabling and harnessing this is digitalisation. It helps to reach new segments of customers, improving safety for teams, increasing revenue and much more.

This is why digitalisation of multiple processes, the supply chain and workforce as part of your sustainability strategy is paramount to businesses staying relevant for the next 10 – 20 years.

Nicki Kay explained how Zünd have focused on investing in technology to make processes and team work more efficient and sustainable.

To build sustainable processes for their teams to work remotely, work flexibly and improve the experience for customers, they adopted Vyntelligence as a key technology. She shared that the ease of adoption and breadth of advantages of implementing such technologies has proved highly beneficial for the company, their team & customers.

Adam Hale advised that for businesses to successfully & sustainably create value they need to change three core factors together: people, process & technology. He also provided 5 key focus points for any business if they want to become a market leader: purpose, focus, customer success, innovation and team.

Watch Adam share his perspective in this short video.

Guy Richelle, Senior Energy Advisor

Guy Richelle, Senior Advisor, Energy Industry, kicked off the evening in-person with his deep expertise on the energy transition. He shared the bigger picture – on how we are now part of the 6th extinction, and there are many species disappearing now faster than in the age when dinosaurs went extinct. He emphasised on the need to reimagine how we live, how we eat, where we live, and the energy we use. Digital can limit the impact to limit waste by improving processes. Technology has come a long way and we need to use it to root out inefficiency. 

Aditi Chandak Gulati, Founder, Commejesais, highlighted as a chronic sufferer of “eco-anxiety” led her to consume more consciously and develop a skin care product that is plastic-free and does not leave a trail of trash behind. 

She warned against “greenwashing” of products and services, but instead to use the filter of thought rather than price. The human race needs to give up the convenience of convenience and this can be done with innovation, she said. Business will to transform by giving change the time, and taking it slow is the only way to take a more sustainable path.

Lynne Toogood, Chief Operating Officer at Connected Kerb, took us back 17 years when ‘responsibility in business’ was seen as a fad. She stressed how the veil of apathy and the blindfold on the limits to growth is off now. If the 90s was all about globalisation, we now live in an age where there is a lot more conscious awareness on how we eat and how we live.

Lynn Toogood, Chief Operating Officer at Connected KerbShe shared their business vision and the culture of commitment around sustainable and affordable infrastructure, and their ambition to deliver 200,000 charge points by 2030 to continue the trajectory of positive impact enabling people to save carbon miles.

Her advice “we need to follow a path of conscious evolution, learn from the past on how you live your life”

Mayank Sharma, Chief Data Officer at Vyntelligence, took us on the path of reimagining data and automation in businesses and the need for keeping 3 dimensions front and centre when thinking about digital transformation. Mayank Sharma, Chief Data Officer, Vyntelligence

One, focus on hyper specialisation by defining each individual’s role narrowly. Second, as organisations become more software driven, keep in mind that software is declarative. Third, automation of cognitive parts of organisations such as people behaviour is more complex unlike the automation of processes or factory floor scenarios. Lots of data in this context is not necessarily the solution, but it is about bringing the world of consumer experiences into the enterprise by allowing software to give people (employees) the decision aides to exercise their free will and take smarter actions.

The evening ended with Kapil Singhal, Co-Founder & CEO at Vyntelligence thanking all our team, customers and influencers for their continued support.

He shared 3 short stories ranging from saving fatalitiesKapil Singhal, co-founder & CEO, Vyntelligence through behavioural change, upskilling & enabling the efficient use of resources and empower customer to harness the power of video technology. You can find out more about these stories here.

My main takeaway from these diverse perspectives is that across industries, today’s leaders have the responsibility of defining the path their employees and customers take in supporting conscious evolution and making it better for our people today.

For the audience, the evening had just begun, opening up the opportunity to share their perspectives. I feel truly privileged to have learnt from the different perspectives in the room! By listening to different stories, from a whole host of people with different experiences across a variety of industries, it gave me a new perspective, not just the single side of a story. 

We hope you have enjoyed these new, and, or a different set of perspectives.

Thank you to all the speakers, customers, partners, colleagues and well-wishers who joined us for enriching my learning process.

‘Perspectives with Vyn’  is an annual, informal, cocktails and canapés evening event with short TedX style talks. We bring senior executives & thought leaders from a range of backgrounds together to mingle and inspire each other over evening drinks on current topics

Thank you for reading!

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