Severn Trent, a leading UK water utility, offers customers a digital, video-enabled channel to improve Customer Satisfaction and C-MeX Score

Learn how Severn Trent achieves faster customer issue resolution and better resource optimisation with Vyn SmartVideoNotes


In the sixth edition of the Vynners’ Community MasterClass, we were joined by Star Vynners Heather Hately and Natalie Danks to share their insights on digitalisation with video-data at Severn Trent.

Heather, Customer Strategy Business Lead, and Natalie, Customer Inspector Pilot focus on improving the Customer Service & Customer Experience scores across Severn Trent’s network of 8 million customers.

With an aim of providing a simple to use service and easy to report issues, Severn Trent chose Vyn to rapidly digitise the process. The new video-enabled journey empowers customers to report issues directly via the “Report a Problem” section on their website, avoiding time-consuming call centre calls.

“We gave customers a choice to report issues digitally based on their individual preferences, avoiding a call to the contact centre” said Heather. Customers are automatically guided to report the problem with a short video in minutes on their smartphone. “Vyn gives customers the opportunity to choose how and when they interact with us. Customers find it far easier to report an issue with a short video than write it down” she added. “90% of customers like Vyn” said Natalie.


Severn Water

Heather and Natalie also work towards improving team engagement and delivering improved performance towards regulatory commitments. Vyn is the perfect tool to achieve these metrics as it delivers an enhanced customer experience while also improving engagement with field teams by providing better insight on the customer’s issue. With rich video data, field teams can see exactly what the issue is and instantly categorise it based on priority.

“We’re able to prioritise and get field teams to those who need us more urgently and make better use of resources” said Natalie. “25% of issues reported are being mitigated upfront, saving visits and travel, especially with the price of fuel right now, and helping help customers faster” she added.

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 Our Star Vynners’ top tips were:

  • Face-to-face meetings make a real difference in implementing new technologies
  • Manage your expectations and align to an iterative process
  • Work closely with the Vyn team to help you with different ideas of what Vyn can do

We started hosting Vynners’ Community to provide our user community with a platform to share their knowledge, learnings and best practices with each other. This event is one of the many ways we champion and share our core values of Simplicity, Velocity, Trust and Mutuality. We come together with a common purpose of simplifying business operations, bringing agility and efficiency at work and embracing safety and sustainability in everything we do.

At Vyn, we’re inspired to see the innovative ways our customers use our technology. Drop us a note at [email protected] to share your experience in our next Vynners’ Community – we would love to hear from you!

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