Vyn improves customer experience and enables faster leak fix with remote triage

Vyntelligence partnered with leading UK water utility, Welsh Water, to implement a digital customer self-serve ‘leaky loo’ reporting and remote triage process

Welsh Water Leaky Loos

The Challenge 

Welsh Water’s project Cartref was created to easily help customers identify and report leaks for free. However, they needed a tool to efficiently and effectively enable customers to do that.

Additionally, improving the efficiency of the triage process and avoiding unnecessary plumber visits while keeping them safe was critical to project success.

The Solution

Vyntelligence’s video-based self-serve digitises and simplifies customer engagement  – without calling a contact centre, customers just scan a QR code to record a short video. Vyn SmartVideoNotes auto guides them to show a leaky loo and the surrounding areas easily.

“By digitising the appointment process, we have been able to minimise unnecessary visits. This has not only saved our customers and plumbers time but has also allowed for our team to work in a more sustainable way, cutting our carbon footprint.”

– Euan Hampton, Programme Manager, Welsh Water

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The Outcome

Leaky loo reports up 95% in 3 months with 600+ hours saved in call centre calls.

Vyntelligence helped improve customer experience by empowering customers to report issues digitally, saving them time and deflecting over a thousand contact centre calls. Engineers also saved unnecessary site visits, saving costs and carbon miles. 

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