Vyn improves Customer Experience & Efficiency by mitigating 25% technician visits upfront

Vyntelligence partnered with leading UK water utility, Severn Trent, to digitise issue reporting with SmartVideoNotes and improve customer satisfaction.


The Challenge

To report an issue, customers of Severn Trent had to call the contact centre and answer several questions. To improve the speed of issue resolution, Severn Trent needed an efficient and easy way to better engage with customers, prioritise issues and reduce wasted site visits.

The Solution

Vyntelligence simplified and digitised customer engagement and issue reporting – by clicking on a website link, customers record a short, guided video with Vyn on their smartphones. With our AI-powered smart labelling and supervisory dashboards, Severn Trent benefit from searchable video data enables collaboration between teams and a seamless flow of information.

“We’re able to prioritise and get field teams to those who need us more urgently and make better use of resources. 25% of issues reported are being mitigated upfront, saving visits and travel, especially with the price of fuel right now, and helping help customers faster”

– Natalie Danks, Customer Inspector Pilot, Severn Trent

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​The Outcome

93% of customers like Vyn’s flexibility and ease of use.

Vyntelligence helped improve customer experience with 25% of issues being mitigated upfront. Furthermore, Severn Trent saw a 7x growth in customer self-serve due to asynchronous video reporting being an option available 24/7.

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