DistribuTech: The Impact Game-Changers Are Making Across The US Distributed Energy & Utilities Landscape

On the 26th February, five all-star Vynners flew across the pond to the sunny magical lands of Orlando, Florida to meet game-changers passionate about driving innovation in field service and customer experience.

Vyntelligence hosted over 50 utilities and electric distribution companies at our stand across three days at one of the largest distributed energy events in the US – DistribuTech International. 

From our discussions, we established a key problem that the US is struggling with. A problem of ensuring effective deployment of the available capital investment. With the rapid growth of AI technologies looking to facilitate smart cities and smarter working, a lot of investment is going into innovations that are really struggling to deliver demonstrable improvements.

Other problems identified to effectively operationalise investments included:

  • Poor availability of skilled and expert workers
  • Insufficient visibility to maintain high standards and ensure compliance of assets
  • Outdated processes holding back improvements in customer experience

The US is known to pursue ambitious goals. Even in the utilities and energy sectors, the goals to achieve operational efficiencies, save costs and provide a stellar customer experience remain paramount. A substantial blocker, however, is a problem that is faced internationally: resource constraints.

How can we do more with less? How can we bridge the skills gap to excel on delivery? How can we maintain assets effectively, while controlling spend? How can we use AI to improve performance, without disrupting workflows?

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Kapil Singhal, spoke at the event – hear what he had to say…

If you visited the Vyntelligence stand, you’d have heard the buzz in conversations around the stellar testimonials from 80% of top utilities and distributed energy companies using our digital platform for faster quotes, installs and resolutions.

Stuart also highlighted how Vyn enables Airtricity to streamline their quoting process remarkably. Imagine getting all the data required to generate a quote in a single site visit, cutting the quote time down to as little as 72 hours. This efficiency is a game-changer for contractors, suppliers and customers alike. 

Some key outcomes from Vyn® that inspired the game-changers included: 

  • 400% improvement in productivity of field teams
  • 70% reduction in installation to commissioning time
  • 20% improvement in NPS

You also would have seen the incredible excitement from the LEGO prize draw, where winners walked away with limited edition F1 cars, Spiderman figures and the infamous Dobby The Elf.

Even those who didn’t win LEGO, still went away inspired to drive change within their own organisations, and to join our community of ‘Vynners’ in 20 countries across the globe. 

We shared the power of Vyn® for customer self-surveys, faster new connections and faster resolutions for customer and field operations, and we’re proud to have raised the profile of our game-changers across leading US utilities and distributed energy companies.

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