Delivering Faster, and Safer, Field and Customer Service with video technology

Bringing together our customers to talk about their challenges and experiences is something we love to do here at Vyntelligence. So it was wonderful to hear from Joe Morrow from Petroleum Development Oman and Will Dodds from Scotia Gas Networks at our Vynners’ Community event last week.

Fulton Morrow from Petroleum Development Oman and Will Dodds from Scotia Gas Networks at Vynners’ Community

Joe Morrow, an experienced manager in logistics operations and Health & Safety at Petroleum Development Oman, understands the importance of staying up-to-date with technological advancements, and he has found a game-changer in Vyn’s video technology.

“Technology’s always advancing… it’s important that we keep up with it in the motor vehicle industry, especially when we’re talking about safety of equipment. It’s really critical”.

Joe Morrow, HSE Advisor, Logistics, Petroleum Development Oman

By embracing Vyn, Joe said that their vehicle inspections now only take approximately 25 minutes, compared to 45 minutes previously. As a result of this 20-minute reduction in inspection time, Joe is now also providing “instant feedback and real-time responses, which have been crucial in improving efficiency and effectiveness.”

Having implemented Vyn’s platform for self-inspection, Joe’s team was able to identify and address potential faults in five vehicles that would have otherwise gone unnoticed during their old regular inspection process.

“Anything that will help save one life is worth its weight in gold for us.”

Joe Morrow, HSE Advisor, Logistics, Petroleum Development Oman

This proactive approach and real-time insight allowed for immediate intervention, ensuring the safety of drivers and other road users.

Not only does video intelligence enhance safety, but it also empowers less-experienced team members. Joe notes, “It’s such a simple platform… very process-driven… language-proof… a really useful tool for coaching and developing.” Video inspections provide a non-intrusive means of evaluating performance and identifying areas for improvement. This allows for individualised development plans and coaching, without singling out individuals or putting them under unnecessary pressure.

Vyn has enabled PDO to prevent accidents, save lives, and create a proactive culture of continuous improvement. With this purpose in mind, they have embraced video intelligence, and are paving the way for a safer and more productive future by demanding their partners and contractors follow in their footsteps.

Fulton (Joe) Morrow, PDO and Will Dodds, SGN

Will Dodds, Senior Customer Experience Performance Officer at Scotia Gas Networks highlighted their successful implementation of video technology in customer service practices. By adopting Vyn, SGN reduced unnecessary site visits by 55%, leading to cost savings, improved resource allocation, and a demonstration of environmental responsibility. Video utilisation enabled them to resolve customer issues within 24 hours, enhancing satisfaction and streamlining operations.

Video technology proved pivotal in addressing time concerns for both customers and internal staff, as Will explained: “We wanted to speed up our processes, and video technology was the best way to do that.” Embracing Vyn’s video intelligence platform significantly enhanced the customer experience. Customers are given the opportunity to report issues using video, ensuring effective communication and maximising data capture.

Vyn’s key benefit lies in streamlining problem resolution. Customers record and share videos simply using their mobile devices, facilitating better understanding and expediting troubleshooting. This subsequently eliminates lengthy explanations and reduces resolution time, resulting in increased satisfaction and an efficient service workflow.

“It truly enhances customer service and becomes part of your DNA.”

Will Dodds, Senior Customer Experience Performance Officer, Scotia Gas Networks

Through Vyn, SGN remotely assesses situations to determine the necessity of on-site visits, enabling efficient resource allocation and reducing costs. This approach strengthens customer relationships by ensuring prompt issue resolution, while optimising resource allocation within the organisation.

“It allows us to target our resources and send people where they are genuinely needed. The video tool saves unnecessary visits, reduces travel costs, and minimises our carbon footprint.”

Will Dodds, Senior Customer Experience Performance Officer, Scotia Gas Networks

Vyn’s implementation has not only empowered SGN’s communities, but also cultivated a customer-centric approach, while promoting sustainability.

Top tips to deliver faster and safer field and customer service:
  • Embrace new technology – fail fast, but learn fast!
  • Harness the power of video and its multi-purpose nature – think outside the box
  • Involve senior management as early as possible – get their buy-in 
  • Ensure people are involved and thoroughly trained on the new system
  • Support your teams by routinely checking in for feedback and learnings
  • Regularly measure success and reiterate if required
  • Empower your customers with simple-to-use technology

Missed the event? Click here to watch the recording.