Ebook: A Leader’s Guide to Improving CSAT, Regulatory Compliance and Operational Efficiency Using Video and AI Innovation

In an era marked by rapid technological advances and shifting consumer expectations, utility leaders face a complex set of challenges. The sector is under increasing pressure to innovate while managing the delicate balance between operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.

Today’s customers expect more than just basic utilities service; they demand a quick, flexible and transparent customer service. Improving customer satisfaction is an increasingly critical performance metric, directly influencing regulatory reviews and market competitiveness.

Internally, the challenge is equally daunting. Upskilling the workforce is critical, especially in an industry where safety and compliance are non-negotiable. It’s also about capturing and retaining critical knowledge that could otherwise leave with retiring staff. How can you ensure your team remains productive, safe, and compliant with fewer hands on deck?

This eBook serves as a guide for leaders looking to navigate these challenges. Each section addresses a specific challenge and provides real-world solutions and case studies from leading companies such as Cadent Gas, Openreach, Northumbrian Water, Wales & West Utilities and Severn Trent.

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