Northumbrian Water Reduced Flooding Incidents by 90% and Saved Potential Penalties of over £2 Million

The Challenge

Northumbrian Water faced two critical challenges:

  1. Flooding from Operations: They wanted to stop flooding incidents caused by jetting operations. Despite various mitigation efforts, these incidents were frequent, with an average of 30 occurrences per year.
  2. First Time Transferred Flooding: Identifying the exact causes of external flooding was challenging due to the absence of technical staff on-site from the onset of the incidents.

The Outcome

  • 90% reduction in incidents
  • Saved £2.1 million in potential penalties with a 12% improvement in correctly identifying external flooding incidents
  • Avoided penalties of £530,000 in a single year with reduction in internal flooding incidents
  • Customer satisfaction with reduced flooding incidents and fewer disruptions

“We had an average of around 30 incidents. Last year, we only had three. The reduction of 27 has effectively helped us to avoid a penalty of £530,000 in that year. The video evidence has been invaluable.”

Benn Elsey, Flooding Operations Manager, Northumbrian Water