Richer data & SmartVideoNotes surveys drive cost efficiencies

Vyntelligence digitally transforms data collection for installations and saves pre-install inspection visits with customer self-service for a leading Swiss manufacturer, delivering 4x ROI.


The Challenge 

Our client, Zünd, a leading, family-owned manufacturer of state-of-the-art modular precision cutting systems needed to digitalise their workflow and reduce order to install time.

Pre-installation site surveys required rich and complete information that wasn’t being adequately gathered and took at least half a day of skilled engineer time per customer site.

The Solution 

Optimising, making more efficient and gathering higher-quality data for faster installations and improved customer experience.

  • Auto-guide customers to use Vyn’s short-guided video notes
  • Use a searchable asset & site database, real-time dashboards and two-way collaboration with image annotations for timely remote inspections and troubleshooting 
  • Integration with Salesforce to link gathered data to customer reports, helping with future visits and training.  

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 Work Order

​​The Outcome

Faster installations, fewer visits and excellent customer experience.

  • 100% digital survey process
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Rich visual database
  • More effective use of experts

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