Looking Ahead – Making Data & Frontline Teams Future-ready

As 2021 draws to a close, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the priorities and predictions we set out 12 months ago. Here’s a quick recap, and a summary of what we have been upto since then.
Kapil Singhal, CEO Vyntelligence, speaking at the Future of Utilities Summit online


Stringent net zero targets create a need to achieve ‘more with less’

2021 has seen sustainability at the forefront of everyone’s focus. With COP26 powering planning and action, we’ve collectively rallied to create the foundation for a greener world and scale sustainable innovation.

At Vyn, we’ve been helping our customers reduce unnecessary site visits, and with our smart dashboards that track carbon miles saved, our customers can see the direct benefit to achieving their Net Zero targets. This year, our customers have collectively saved around 226,000 carbon miles!

Our focus on sustainability goes further.

Sustainability is about resources, safety and people too; and as part of our own commitment to sustainability, we’ve planted 118 trees for our community!


Vyntelligence’s commitment to sustainability at COP26 and with our customers globally

Covid-19 has provided a unique opportunity to personalise community engagement

With remote working a requirement, we turned to new ways of engaging our communities and more efficient, digital methods of working.

Our Efficient Customer Engagement solution helped improve remote work and deliver an optimised customer experience for our clients. During covid, we helped our clients like Openreach keep their field workers safe by conducting remote audits, while Swiss manufacturer, Zund and water utilities Welsh Water & Northumbrian Water moved their customers to a self-serve process guided by Vyn.

Necessity is a mother of innovation

Across the industry, we’ve seen an increased focus on sustainable innovation. Many of our customers and partners are turning to digital technologies to build  smarter networks and new ways of working as we move to a greener world.

In 2020, we won the Free Electrons Programme ‘the most innovative startup’ award, as voted by 10 global utilities. This year, Vyntelligence is proud to have won a plethora of awards, including the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 and the Engie Innovation Trophy – recognising us as a champion of sustainable innovation delivering faster outcomes.

Start collecting quality data from your own people and build a rich source of information, as well as enable upskilling

2021 required companies to turn inwards and focus on developing talent and arming their workforce with the right tools to succeed in difficult times.

We focused our attention on digitally upskilling frontline workers with our smart storyboards that guide them on their everyday jobs. This is core to our Remote Work Assurance Solution and has helped frontline workers improve quality focus & reduce quality defects in everyday operational activities.

Our customers across the utilities, energy, manufacturing, and telecoms industries have seen a 5x increase in Vyns recorded, and benefited from data-driven video intelligence from everyday operational activities increasing situational awareness, and an active knowledge base of Vyns making them future-ready.

Customer testimonials from Openreach & Cadent Gas

Use AI to eliminate silos of data/information and champion human intelligence and pen a new world of remote working, safety inspections and customer resolutions with smartvideo & AI

Building the capability for effective collaboration starts with an efficient flow of rich data.

We’ve always believed that combining human and artificial intelligence creates the power to harness quality data that drives business outcomes, not just outputs. We launched Vyn anomaly detection AI capability in 2021. Vyntelligence customers now have the unique advantage of more easily embedding a proactive and sustainable safety culture by using Vyn SmartVideoNotes solutions – Remote Work Assurance, Efficient Customer Engagement and Proactive Risk & Safety Assessments – to digitise and automate their asset and risk management processes.


News – An industry-first from Vyntelligence: ‘Anomaly Detection AI’ for enterprise Health & Safety outcomes

We are proud to have made an impact across the utilities, manufacturing, telecoms and construction industries and we couldn’t have done it without our Star Vynners & the Vynners Community.

We’ve got some big things planned for the New Year, and will continue to simplify work-life for our clients so that their teams can spend more time with family and friends.

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