In conversation with Openreach: Better quality installations and digital remote work assurance with Vyn SmartVideoNotes

Innovation Martlesham (IM) was delighted to have Simon Jackson, Senior Account Director at Vyntelligence and their guest speaker Glyn Albrow, LLU Process Specialist at Openreach join our November 2021 IM Breakfast Webinar.

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They shared their expertise on the topic of “How to drive productivity, improve job safety and deliver world class customer experience with Vyn SmartVideoNotes.” To watch the event in full, please visit the IM YouTube channel.

During the presentation, Simon explained how Vyn SmartVideoNotes empowers the deskless workforce to sustainably improve quality and safety outcomes of their everyday field-based activities. Leading global businesses in the telecoms, energy, manufacturing and utilities sectors have benefited from 10x ROI in less than 10 weeks by digitising their customer and field-based processes so that fewer experts can do more with less.

He provided more detail about how this has been achieved. Simple to deploy and use, subcontractors and frontline workers can create short video reports (instead of paper forms) with Vyn, and the intelligence is automatically extracted to bring insightful information back into the office, without sending people into the field.

Experts can now remotely assure more jobs in shorter time frames, realising higher quality installations and improved safety of works in the construction and maintenance phase.

Simon spoke with Glyn exploring the issues around geographical mobility of auditors, time taken for job handover and the need to reduce snags (quality defects) during the Openreach installation process.

Glyn illustrated some of the benefits they’ve experienced with Vyn:

We were able to remove the need for any physical visits because the installer was able to audit their own work as they went with the Vyn technology. So, 100% of audits are now being completed remotely. We saw a 93% reduction in failed audits, which is a massive number and we never anticipated anything like that. The simplicity of the technology made it a simple guide for our engineers or installers to follow. The transformation was pretty much instantaneous.

The benefits of Vyn SmartVideoNotes discussed during the session included:

  • 71% reduction from install to commission
  • 100% audits completed remotely
  • 93% reduction in failed audits
  • £100 saved per job in travel costs
  • 68% reduction in quality defects

You can now try the Vyn SmartVideoNotes technology for FREE, for two weeks. Find out more here.

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