Celebrating Achievements with Star Vynners from Cadent Gas, Welsh Water and JLA

Held every two months, our customers and team come together at the Vynners’ Community online event to celebrate success, connect with each other and share the achievements and collective experiences of driving far-reaching change.

As Vyn has evolved, so has the Vynners’ Community.

For the fifth edition of this event, we hosted a Masterclass on Insights to Action to learn from our customers’ journey on how they successfully drive sustainable change with Vyn. We had three star Vynners – Euan Hampton from Welsh Water, Andrew Waterworth from JLA and Michael Lapper from Cadent Gas join us to share their perspectives on how to successfully create a culture of innovation as well as their top tips on leveraging the power of Vyn to deliver material business outcomes.

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During the 14-day-trial, Euan Hampton, Programme Manager at Welsh Water, was quick to see the benefits of Vyn for customer engagement in Project Cartref. He has been instrumental in trying new methods of engaging customers across multiple channels, including with the use of Vyn QR code, and the results of this are fantastic.

Andrew Waterworth, Installation Manager, is the Vyn champion within JLA, encouraging teams to adopt new technology, enabling them to achieve more with less. Fewer customer visits and quick service are always on top of his agenda.

Michael Lapper, Head of Customer Experience at Cadent Gas, believes in starting small and expanding quickly. During the early phases of working with Vyn, Michael realised that Vyn can transform how Cadent deals with customer complaints and its positive impact on NPS. Since then, he has found multiple use cases where visuals from the field help in decision making and improving customer experience.

Euan inspired the audience to reflect on and adapt existing processes to successfully build a culture of innovation, “I have seen lots of innovation trials fail in the past, they are very rarely completely ready to go into business as usual. That’s not an excuse to give up – try and adapt your own processes to make sure it all fits together.”

We heard from Andrew on making the pre-installation survey process more efficient whilst being covid-safe with Vyn. He found that Vyn’s Remote Assurance technology significantly improves customer experience by equipping ASMs with the right tools to capture information better rather than s schedule a pre-installation engineer visit for a physical location survey – “bringing in this level of technical scoping gives the customer a sense of confidence and a more professional service”, said Andrew.

Michael shared that at Cadent, Vyn helps reduce the need to drive to sites, further reducing the risk of road traffic incidents and minimising Cadent’s carbon footprint, another small step in their long-term plan towards net-zero.


What else did we learn? Although our speakers are from very different industries, their top tips were grounded in practical wisdom applicable widely.

Our Star Vynners’ Top Tips:

  • Ensure clarity of the business problem from the outset
  • Don’t be afraid to start small but consider the wider benefits and opportunities across your organisation
  • Be open to adapting your own processes and procedures
  • Work in partnership with your vendor
  • Reflect on non-tangible benefits that are harder to put a £ sign against – they still add value!

At Vyn, we love hearing your stories about how Vyn has helped improve your customers’ experience, process efficiency and overall business productivity to create new remote assurance capabilities.

We’re inspired to see the innovative ways our customers use and make the most of our technology. Drop us a note at [email protected] to share your experience – we would love to hear from you!

You can watch the full event on-demand and gather more insights from our Star Vynners here: https://youtu.be/uSFbw-yQLio

To our customers: Thank you for coming on this journey with us and being part of a growing community of changemakers open to sharing and learning. We thank you for your support, advocacy and insights.

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