‘vyn for Sales’ is new to the Salesforce AppExchange

AppExchange is the B2B SaaS cloud marketplace where end users can search, access and install software application solutions customised for Salesforce. It is the worlds largest trading centre for business apps, a proven ecosystem of 3,000+, each prescreened by Salesforce to reduce risk and make them quick and simple to use.

Kapil Singhal, Co-creator & CEO | vyn said:

“Acceptance on the AppExchange is another major milestone for vyn. We are now ‘Salesforce-ready’ and delighted to be part of this thriving partnership network Our solution empowers sales leaders to clearly see what’s trending in their deal portfolio. This creates better forecasting accuracy and clarity on which deals to prioritise – or drop.

“We believe in ‘no more forms’ for field users, yet vyn produces better data (both qualitative and quantitative) from call notes, meetings and client interactions – all seamlessly updated on to Salesforce. Don’t type, just vyn (rhymes with ‘win’)!”

vyn (SmartVideoNotes) for Sales is a pioneering productivity platform for accelerating high value data into Salesforce. vyn simplifies intelligent data capture, increases sales win rates and improves compliance.

vyn is leading digital innovation with P&G, Cognizant, Vodafone, British Gas, Comptel Nokia, Aricent and IBM Bluewolf.


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