Top tips from industry leaders to build sustainable Health & Safety workflows

The 4th of March, 2021 saw senior industry leaders from essential utilities like Engie, Cadent Gas and Northumbrian Water Group come together on one panel to talk about building a proactive and sustainable culture around Health & Safety. Perspectives were discussed around leadership priorities in a post-covid world, the difficulties of compliance and regulation, and how to combine human and digital intelligence to achieve a sustainable change in culture.

To view all the insights from the event, you can watch the event on demand.

  1. Find champions in your organisation that will help you drive change

    Chris Train OBE, Senior Advisor and previously CEO at Cadent Gas discussed the link between sustainability and a Health & Safety culture by implementing change at a policy level. He urged people to find champions in their organisations – individuals that are hungry for change and innovation. These are the people that will help drive cultural improvements. You can watch his perspectives below:

  2. Thinking deliberately about your actions will heighten awareness

    Nigel Watson, CIO at Northumbrian Water discussed how applying digital innovation technology, powered by video, has helped NWL adapt to Covid restrictions and government regulations whilst keeping the essential service running. Video intelligence brought about a higher level of consciousness, whereby not only has compliance become easier, but a shift in culture has proved to be both productive and swift. The teams prefer using video to paper at a ratio of 8:1! For those currently not at work, we must also use technology to re-educate them upon their return. You can watch his perspectives below:

  3. Nudge and engage active recall for those returning to work

    Jaideep Sandhu, Director of Technical Expertise at Engie, shared his insights on the complex relationship where digitalisation enables less work and future predictions, but less work can put essential workers out of touch with safety risks and processes. People forget the safety risks when they’re away from the workplace. A change in culture, aided by technology will help with this. You can watch his perspectives below:

  4. Show people examples of what ‘good’ looks like

    Mayank Sharma, Chief Data Officer at Vyntelligence, discussed how cognitive biases and not knowing what ‘good’ looks like, lead to people normalising deviance until something goes wrong. This is a reactive culture of Health & Safety. Nudging people when they are about to do something unsafe and providing them with examples of the right thing will help them to engage in a proactive culture. To understand his suggestions for a proactive culture using human intelligence and data, you can watch his perspectives below:

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Let us know your thoughts on the various topics discussed by using the hashtag #PerspectivesOnlineSeries on social media. This event is the first in our series for 2021, so do look out for our next one on 22nd of April.

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