Being smart and being sustainable go hand in hand

Join the businesses taking quantifiable steps towards a greener future.


Smart business goes hand in hand with sustainable business

Our climate is in crisis, and businesses are setting ambitious environmental targets to reduce waste, cut emissions and reach the coveted “net zero”. The ways that we capture, store and process data play a big role in this mission.

Overshadowing the previous hype around “big data” is this newer concept of “smart data”: Rather than gathering billions of data points and crossing your fingers that some of it will be valuable, you are now able to ensure you are collecting the right data – from the right people and at the right time. Being smart about how and when you collect information means you only spend your time and resources on what’s important to capture. You don’t need energy-heavy data centres to store and process masses of data – not when you have all that you need in a few thousand smarter data points. When smart dashboards give you better visibility over Key Performance Indicators, you can easily take action before a molehill becomes a mountain.

How we help our clients become “green-first”

By adopting the Vyntelligence solution, our clients have reduced their carbon footprint in tangible ways: The UK’s leading provider of broadband and fibre networks transformed their installation audits by making them 100% remote using Vyn SmartVideoNotes, meaning they have dramatically reduced their carbon emissions by cutting out unnecessary site visits. Between late 2019 and now, they have saved over 150,000 carbon miles, and every week they can add around 2300 more miles to this number.

We are creating similar ways for all of our customers to see the positive environmental impact that they are making daily by using Vyn – from reducing carbon miles to paper waste and more.

Green and clean since 2013

At Vyntelligence, we pride ourselves in being an environmentally conscious business.

When our founders created the company in early 2013, they envisioned how technology could help make work-life more human, with more time for friends, family and health, and more connected to humanity’s bigger purpose.

Vyntelligence Green Website

Since its inception in 2013, the Vyntelligence Green was selected to represent growth, learning and environmental sustainability.

Finding the right shades of green for your business

You are only as green as your community, and we know we would be nowhere without our customers, investors, advisors and friends. We recently hosted another installment in our #PerspectivesOnline series, with an impressive panel of leaders across 5+ different industries to discuss “Shades of Green: What does sustainability mean for business?”. With perspectives from Affinity Water, EDP, Ericsson, London Business School, the University of Texas School of Design, and hopefully many more, we learnt insights on the often complex relationship between sustainability and business and left with helpful tips on taking the right actions.

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