Vyntelligence AI-powered work assurance platform recognised by Telecoms and Utilities

Vyntelligence, a no-code digital work assurance platform for deskless workers, was invited to present the possibilities and implications of what could be ‘the defining technology of the 21st century’ at the AI Global Festival.

Our Chief Data Officer, Mayank Sharma, shared his insights in this session hosted by BT and Orbital Global, on how various industries have benefited greatly from Vyntelligence’ AI-powered insights to drive smarter actions, close the loop and get work done faster. Vyntelligence was also recognised and voted in the top 3 innovation trends for 2021 by the leading utility, Northumbrian Water Group.

Thoughtful application of smart AI & video proven to improve safety and quality outcomes

In his presentation to the AI community, Mayank Sharma shared that, while video has come of age, these technologies are by default, not designed to harness video data for AI-driven insights and outcomes. Vyntelligence is uniquely placed to help digitise analog processes with its smart video-enabled workflows.

  • Vyntelligence transforms complex Analog Work through smart data capture and AI-powered insights to empower frontline workers, customers and back-office personnel. By enabling proactive risk assessment workflows, enhanced customer experiences or simplified remote inspections, Vyntelligence helps achieve sustainable innovation.
  • Smart data capture involves a new kind of guided video/multimodal data to get the work done. People are comfortable with video – but there is a need to guide what they should capture. Data capture that is tailored to outcomes makes AI more accurate and allows one to harness human-in-the-loop expertise and drive business outcomes.
  • A precise application of Computer Vision, NLP and related ML technologies allows for impact on multiple workflows. For example, driving work compliance through video analysis. Or providing visibilities into key risks through keyword categorization models.

It was a pleasure to attend the AI Global Festival and we thank Innovation Martlesham (IM) for the invite. As part of the IM cluster, Vyntelligence was joined by many others at the festival that also presented their perspectives and business applications of AI. For more information, you can read the Innovation Martlesham article.

A trusted and actionable Artificial Intelligence for the industry

“In 2020, we applied AI to many areas around our business to see the true benefit. We are still on this journey and in 2021 we will be really leveraging all the work in progress as we amass the data required to have robust AI in place.  We are particularly excited about our work with Vyntelligence where we have leveraged AI to health and safety, leakage and flooding reporting.” – Angela MacOscar, Head of Innovation at Northumbrian Water Group

We are also proud to announce that our AI ranked in the top 3 for Northumbrian Water’s Prediction on Top Innovation Trends for 2021.

Vyntelligence takes pride in helping customers build sustainable innovation through advancements in  AI to drive better outcomes. Our work with Northumbrian Water Group is one of the many advancements we are making towards our goal to simplify work-life and build a sustainable, safer world.

To find out more about Vyntelligence and how our smart video & AI capabilities can help accelerate your business outcomes, please arrange a demo or contact us at [email protected]

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