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Since the pandemic, Health and Safety now means more than just checklists for a workplace. It’s about keeping people safe, healthy and efficient. It is fast becoming one of the most important applications of the Vyntelligence platform. The solution is poised to leverage the convenience of the Vyntelligence app, which captures everything on a simple smartphone that does not suffer from boredom or fatigue. Vyn SmartVideoNotes is a simple application that can create tremendous value, by co-creating solutions that solve real problems for your customers and workforce.

The field workforce of one of our customers appreciates the app for its unparalleled convenience over filling in forms and filing reports. We want to help diagnose and fix problems, not populate spreadsheets. Compliance of safety is much easier with a Show & Tell video platform than with paper forms. We also want to achieve operational efficiencies to save you costs, make safety a first time right procedure and build a culture of H&S. Don’t wait for the first incident to make the change. Make the change so you don’t have a first incident.

Capturing Human Intelligence via SmartVideoNotes

Consider the analogy of a pilot of a plane who has everything under control via the instruments in the cockpit. The business challenge is how to achieve this level of control in a large-scale industrial installation. Vyn SmartVideoNotes is the tool that you need to keep control and comfortably fly your plane.

To take a real-life example, a large global Utility has dozens of people typically operating a power plant; during times of maintenance shut-downs, this figure jumps to hundreds of people. It can be a high-pressure environment (both literally and figuratively). How can technology be used to capture and augment the information available from the workforce in such an environment?

Simplifying your entire H&S workflow with video, smart data & AI Analytics:

  • Vyntelligence helps industrial companies gain greater visibility and insights over their assets and operations, by empowering field engineers to create smart video reports directly on site. Our AI technology then helps these businesses efficiently interpret, analyse and act on these data insights.
  • To illustrate how this works, an operator was tasked with identifying potential hazards. They went out, with the Vyntelligence app on their smartphone, and came across a black curtain behind which was a sheer drop. If a worker wandered through this curtain they might easily fall from a dangerous height, a leading cause of accidents.
  • The normal process would have been to capture this hazard with pen and paper for subsequent transcription to an excel spreadsheet for eventual action. This may get pushed back, information can get lost in translation and isn’t an enjoyable process.
  • With the Vyntelligence smart video app, the operator was able to record the hazard and immediately upload it to the control centre, where the power and immediacy of the video enabled the manager to take immediate action and, importantly, also be able to disseminate this potential risk to other branches. The time from seeing the hazard to taking action was reduced dramatically.

We all know that where a paper can tell ten words, a picture can tell a thousand works. But a video can tell 10x more in half the time! Simplify your workflows, adopt a frictionless process and engage your workers to be proactive with safety.

Treat Health & Safety with the recognition it deserves. A safer, healthier workforce will not only save you costs and time, it will also breed a first time right culture. By using Vyn SmartVideoNotes, using the many-to-many workflow system, you can share expertise faster, prepare for hazards effectively and solve problems quicker.

To digitise your workflows and revolutionise your Health & Safety processes, arrange a demo with one of our experts.

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