Make AI smarter with human insights

Artificial intelligence is changing the world – both for businesses and consumers. Still, the true transformations lie in augmenting machine intelligence with human insights. Read about it below.

vyn Strengthens International IP with 2 New US Patents

Kapil Singhal, CEO & Co-Founder: "These two new patents showcase vyn's commitment to building a culture of continuous innovation. They ensure our customers can make quicker, better-informed business decisions."

In case you missed our news, we have been granted 2 new patents. These lie at the intersection of human expertise, business workflows and artificial intelligence. Learn what we do differently – read our press release.

Mayank Sharma on Data Science: 3-part blog series coming soon!

Mayank is Head of Data Science at Raymond James Financial.

What is Data Science really, and what can it do? Our Data Science advisor is passionate about building AI and Machine Learning tools with a soul. Mayank introduces the topic with humility and grace in the above vyn (a SmartVideoNote). Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter to be notified when his 3-part blog series is out.

Bringing the ‘human’ back into digital adds richness

Smartphone showing a young woman recording meeting outcomes in the vyn app.

Join the conversation on Augmented Intelligence: At our recent Leadership Perspectives Round Table, senior business leaders discussed how artificial intelligence is nothing without human insight. Read Mala’s top 3 takeaways.

Get leadership ‘vynsights’ from Nandu Nandkishore

Nandu Nandkishore continued the vynsights series last week with 5 short videos on the Circular Economy. We post new #vynsights video series twice a month, as well as other news on digital transformation, leadership, AI and quality data capture. Follow us for the latest on LinkedInTwitter and YouTube.

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