Bringing the human back into digital adds richness

Thank you to all the senior business leaders who joined us, shaping the conversation on how companies can build their human capital and combine this with Augmented Intelligence (“the new AI”) to create a significant competitive advantage.

We hope that as we build the Leadership Perspectives Series, we can build a community around these very topics to lead the journey together into the brave new world of Augmented Intelligence.

Here are some of my aha moments of what I heard from the leaders on the day!

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Transformations need to be aligned with business goals

Front-office transformations have a greater chance of success when aligned with strategic goals, and leaders must include a mix of digital and human-centric approach, to create frictionless user journeys.

Bringing the human back into digital adds richness and in a delegate’s own words, “All digital is naive and absurd. It has to be a mix of digital and human”.

In a recent project for a large utility and home services provider, we aligned the project to an existing business need. The leadership team in the client organisation was keen to drive a change in mindset, where frontline field engineers start to own the customer conversations to not just improve customer satisfaction but also create an evidence-based upsell opportunity.

By digitally enabling how intelligence from the field is captured, stored, analysed, shared internally and with the customer, we were able to improve customer engagement and create a new revenue stream. Key to the success was digital technology that was also aligned to the user’s way of doing things, a human interface and the ability for our teams to quickly deploy vyn.

Smartphone showing a young woman smiling while recording a meeting outcome with vyn.

Transformation is about people, people, people

Digital transformation or otherwise, change management must start with people. The shift to a more personal and authentic communication model using digital at scale requires senior sponsorship and a ‘mandate’ to drive the changes. Communicating the unequivocal benefits and the consequences for non-participation is critical. Celebrating early success will motivate faster adoption.

The key is to ensure that an organisation’s people have the mindset, incentive and capability to change, and that there is clear ownership of the change from sponsors and champions.

In digital transformations, it’s easy to be “blinded by the digital agenda”, as one of our guests put it. We must not forget that it is people, not just technologies, that create change.

Successful transformations is about making sure everyone is in sync with the change expected and also, how the leadership team is able to gather evidence on the new ways of working from the front-line team. Kevin Kraft, Global Leader of Sales & Marketing Transformation, Cognizant shares his perspectives on this here:

Augmented Intelligence adds the essential human layer

Augmented intelligence (human insights + AI) is more likely to build trust and deliver business outcomes. In this context, leaders around the table saw vyn as an innovative tool that does this at scale, to simplify and accelerate business outcomes.

Key to the success here though, as Kapil, co-founder & CEO, pointed out was to minimise the change required for the frontline staff, and provide them a natural interface within the context of their existing systems and processes to make the transition easy. In his words, “By bringing the voice of the engineer to the customer, sharing key outcomes of the work completed and recommendations, we are helping the engineers build trust with the customer”.

If you are interested, we’d be happy to share how Augmented Intelligence (human insights + AI) has created an opportunity for competitive differentiation and improved business outcomes faster for our clients in telecoms, energy and utilities, FMCG and professional services sector. You can reach me at [email protected].

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