Vyntelligence (Vyn), pioneer of SmartVideoNotes, announces new patent in Smart Data Capture & Annotation

Patent Vyntelligence 2020

London May 30th, 2020 – Vyntelligence is pleased to announce the grant of US patent No.10,346,459.

This ‘Smart Data Capture & Annotation of multimedia content’ patent, together with our other US patents on Smart Ranking and Delivery of Insights, offers foundational capability for enterprise businesses to make multimedia (video) data more relevant, accessible and searchable to improve decision making. Together with workforce expertise, this foundational capability enables augmented intelligence for the enterprise.

A timely capability, Vyn Smart Video ‘Capture & real-time Contextual Annotation’ is particularly useful for self audit & remote assessments and avoids unnecessary field visits.

Customers of Vyntelligence now have the unique advantage to disrupt. They can simply drag & drop Vyn Smart Video in their day-to-day business processes and accelerate intelligent automation.

The Vyntelligence platform automatically labels, categorises and scores video content to derive intent and provide recommendations using a unified computer vision and NLP multimodal AI architecture.

Arti Khanna, co-founder & Head of Innovation at Vyntelligence said:

”The urgency to adapt business processes brought about by Covid-19 requires acceleration of innovative workflows that thrive in virtual and remote environments to safeguard workforce, suppliers and customers. Smart Video is a rich information source for intelligent automation that systematically builds augmented intelligence, near real-time quality control feedback and effective decision making in virtual environments.

The grant of the patent provides further recognition of the commitment to our purpose of simplifying work-life and to our culture of innovation and IP creation”.

About Vyntelligence*

Vyntelligence (Vyn) is a pioneering mobile-first enterprise-grade short video AI and Analytics platform.

By enabling field-based workforce and customers to capture short guided videos from their smartphone in the form of a “self-audit”, Vyn saves costs, improves first-time right metrics and delivers a better customer experience. The platform uses machine learning & AI to automatically label, tag and categorise the video data stream to make it searchable and actionable. Further, Vyn can confidently predict ‘next-actions’, enabling business leaders to make faster decisions.

Headquartered in London, UK, the Vyn SmartVideoNotes technology has been deployed by leading businesses in the utility, energy, telecoms and manufacturing industries. Vyn has been granted US patents for Smart Data Capture, Ranking and Delivery of Insights.

*Vyn and Vyntelligence are registered trademarks of humanLearning Ltd. The company is headquartered in London, UK. https://vyntelligence.com.

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