Vyntelligence launches an industry-first customer self-reporting SmartVideo AI solution for the Utilities industry


Already proven with field workers at a number of large energy, utility, telecom and manufacturing companies in 15 countries and 5 languages, Vyn’s self-guided SmartVideo reporting tool has been saving time, cost and carbon miles by enabling them to remotely assure the quality and safety of field work.

Vyntelligence now launches its’ Efficient Customer Engagement solution, an industry-first customer self-reporting SmartVideo AI solution for the Utilities industry at the Utility Week Customer Summit in Birmingham.

Faster issue resolution and efficient new service requests

The solution focuses on allowing providers to enable convenient issue reporting & self-reporting of new service requests by their customers.  Vyn creates the digital ‘eyes and ears’ for Customer Operations teams helping teams to “Know before you go” providing early visibility, enabling timely actions with asynchronous video and AI. 

By delivering a low cost to serve solution with fast response and resolution, Vyntelligence has been able to help providers to improve CSAT and ESG targets, with happier, safer customers.

In one example, customers have been reporting their water leaks and issues using Vyn SmartVideoNotes. By enabling expert-led fast response & resolution using automatic AI-powered remote triage, investigatory visits were reduced by 32% and NPS improved by arriving with the right team, tools and insight to fix customer issues on that first visit.

Another use of Vyn for customers has been to guide them in recording a pre-installation video for new connections & issue reporting to avoid surveyor site visits. Since implementation, a 100% job completion record has been achieved, with reduced customer complaints and all complaints are reported via Vyn and responded to within the 48 hour SLA.

The great thing about Vyntelligence … we’ve reduced lead times for the customer and get the job delivered right first time … by creating this remote surveying capability & tool, surveyors can now survey double figure jobs … geography is not a boundary anymore.

– Mike Lapper, Head of Customer Experience at Cadent Gas

Accelerating customer journeys with digital self-reporting

Vyntelligence’s guided, smart video storyboards allow for improved data capture, combined with smart dashboards for easy actions by reviewers. The process is as simple as utility providers giving customers access to a QR code online or being sent a ‘magic link’, and asking them to record a short Vyn SmartVideoNote. This allows for contact centre call deflection by using alternate channels of communication. 

Scaling Innovation

This rich data from the asynchronous video ‘shows & tells’ the nature of the problem using guided storyboards, attachable media and digital form options. The vyn is then remotely triaged by an expert, who can recommend the best course of action for speedy resolution – be it sending an engineer to fix the issue right first time or a self-help video.

Management teams now have the capability to track progress with a searchable video database thanks to AI powered Annotation, Auto-categorisation and prioritisation of incoming reports, while AI-powered automated alerts increase productivity and efficiency of customer issue resolution.

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About Vyntelligence

Vyntelligence’s simple-to-deploy, award-winning smart video AI and digital work assurance platform empowers frontline workers and customers to capture short video data using their mobile. Automated AI-powered recommendations on the next actions & insights enable remote experts and control tower personnel to make early decisions delivering remote work assurance with fewer inputs.

Headquartered in London, Vyntelligence is leading sustainable innovation for the Energy, Telecom and Utilities industries for global customers such as Engie, EDP, Northumbrian Water, Welsh Water, and Openreach.

Vyntelligence was ranked in the top 25 in the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 UK list and was declared as a winner by top 10 Global Utilities at the Free Electrons programme in 2020. Vyn has been granted US patents for Smart Data Capture, Ranking and Delivery of Insights.

Vyn and Vyntelligence are registered trademarks of humanLearning Ltd.


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